Insulated iTouch Gloves $5.50 Shipped


Those of you in cold climates might be interested in this deal.  You can get insulated iTouch Gloves for $2.99 today. 

These are thermal gloves that come in tons of colors and they have a special technology that allows you to still use a mobile device while wearing them.

It doesn’t really get cold enough where I live to wear gloves very often, but we do drive up to the snow for skiiing and sledding and it is so annoying to constantly remove your gloves to use your phone!

Use coupon code: WINTER to take $.50 off your purchase.

These also have a $2.99 shipping charge so $5.50 total shipped.  This might be a great stocking stuffer!

Head over to Tanga to have a look.



  1. Bridget says

    Use code WINTER to get $.50 off per pair. I got 4 pairs for $12.95 shipped!

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