Free Printable: Gratitude Jar

Here is a very cute free printable.  You can print off a little Gratitude jar label plus a worksheet to jot down all the things you are grateful for.

This is a great exercise for children in particular, especially this time of year!  I know my girls are very focused on Santa and all the lovely toys they hear about and see on tv and we are working very hard to remind them the season is about giving.

I also find that my little angels can occasionally lapse into this complaining thing that makes me crazy- they want the purple plate not pink, they hate everything for dinner, they want to wear xyz outfit and on and on and on.  When I catch them complaining I try to stop and refocus the attention on something they are happy about and grateful for so I love the idea of making this more formal with a little jar.

Head over to grab your free printables from Paper Coterie.  You can obviously print this at home or save the file and order it to be printed at a store like Staples.  Usually each color page is about $.50.

*If you need a jar for your label, you can get a 60% off coupon for Joann’s right now!


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