Free Printable: Christmas Shopping List

Since it is already November, I thought I would put up a free printable Christmas Shopping List to organize all those holiday gifts!

I tend to buy a little here and there throughout the year so my list already has several things on it.

The list includes a space to write the name of the item, the recipient, the price and additional notes.

I do a lot of online shopping so I included a column to note if I received an online order. In the notes section you might list where you tucked the item away (I hide stuff for the kids in all sorts of places myself), if the item has been wrapped or shipped off etc…

There are two pages of lines to make your notes if needed- otherwise you can just print the first page to save a little ink.

I do try to plan, plan, plan for Christmas and I also try to shop early and shop online. This is basically for two big reasons- the first is the less time I spend frantically running around, the more time I can do fun stuff with family and friends.

The second reason is that when the stores are so pretty and everyone else has lots of lovely shopping bags and everything is decorated and lovely… well I tend to spend a lot more on impulse buys.  Just a few more things for so and so… or these new throw pillows for the living room or a some nice sweater  and yummy treat I don’t really need…  Total budget buster.

So by just getting it all done early I spend less time in stores and I have less time for last minute impulse spending.

I have this list tucked into our wrapping paper organizer.  I bought this guy after seeing how Better Homes and Gardens featured it in a magazine.  It finally dawned on me to consolidate my lists and receipts with the wrapping paper when I was on a spring cleaning binge a few months ago.  Now I know exactly where everything is and it saves space by keeping it all together.

(Source BHG)

Now Better Homes and Gardens has a beautiful wrapping paper organizer and mine is not organized nearly as nicely but it is functional and holds tons of stuff.  You can adjust the shelves to any size to suit your needs and it just hangs on the back of a door.  I have this on the pantry door actually.

I have this little envelope on the side that holds receipts. I like to keep them all together in case I need to return something or in case of a price adjustment.  I tend to note at the bottom of the receipt what the item is (i.e. “sweater for Grandpa Joe”) or I keep pens and post its nearby and then I can write notes and just stick it to the receipt.   I also use those post its to identify gifts- I can just write the name on the item I buy and then later when I am staring at item x I can remember who I bought it for. :)

At the bottom where the rolls of wrapping paper are located, I just tuck the list in and make notes as I buy things.

And that is about it! This time of year I usually sit down with my husband and figure out who we will buy for, what we want to spend. I can go back and fill in items I already purchased and start brainstorming ideas for other gifts.

Get your free printable Christmas Shopping List here.

Does anyone else have little tips for staying organized and on budget for the holiday season?


  1. Lori says

    Love your organizer! It looks so pretty yet functional. I too, keep a master list of people to buy for and gifts I have bought. I start Christmas shopping right after Christmas, when things are 80-90% off. My sisters and I have set a $5 limit and it’s amazing how far that goes when you shop clearance. We have 8 kids and come from large families so shopping a little here and there all year really helps. I have large totes labeled “Kids Christmas” , “Kids Birthdays”, “Church Gifts” etc. to keep it all organized.
    Can’t wait to wrap it all! Love this time of year! :)

  2. Charlene says

    I just have one big tote but that is a great idea to use different ones Lori!

  3. MichelleM says

    That’s helpful. Thanks…I might have to keep a hidden electronic copy of list when my kids can start reading. :-)

  4. cathy says

    wow charlene! i would like to compliment you for being so organized. i keep my christmas list on my cell phone calendar app on thanksgiving day. that is the day i start seriously thinking about christmas.


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