Ecomom: $100 Worth of Items for $40

Here is a really nice deal for all sorts of items.  You can get a $40 voucher to Ecomom for only $20 from Plum District.  But what makes this so great is that Ecomom is offering a big discount right now- $40 off a purchase of $100.  Also, shipping is free. I have purchased from them many times and have always been happy.

So this is what you need to do:

  • Head over to Ecomom and add $100 worth of products to your cart- you probably want to do this first to make sure you don’t have out of stock issues.
  • Head over to Plum District and purchase the Ecomom voucher for $20 (please note the exclusions listed under the price)
  • Enter your Plum District voucher number in the Promo Code box (Deducts $40)
  • The $40 off $100 promotional discount is automatically taken off (Deducts $40)
  • Your total should be $20 shipped!

So, $20 shipped plus the $20 you spent on the voucher for a grand total of $40! Not bad for $100 worth of items.

The following brands are excluded from this Green Friday promotion:
S’well, Make My Day, OrbitBaby, ERGOBaby, Phil & Teds, Woolly Pocket, Skip Hop, Nature Babycare, Ubbi, Boba, Elements Naturals, gift certificates, tax, shipping

They do have lots of other items to consider- natural and organic products from California Baby, toys from Melissa and Doug and lots more.

They have the lovely Skip Hop Versa diaper bags in a few colors for $70.  These bags won’t apply to the Black Friday promotion but you could get the voucher and save $20 off the price.

This is a really nice sale so take advantage of it while you can!

thanks, Saving with Shellie



  1. Elizabeth says

    I did this last year, and it took ages because they were overwhelmed with business, but I think they’ve got it sorted out this year! They are an excellent company who honors their word and treats their customers well. They also have great prices, fast shipping (reasonably priced if you don’t spend enough for the free shipping) AND they donate a meal for every order!

  2. Jennifer says

    It’s important to note that all food products are excluded from the Plum District voucher. I didn’t read the fine print and now have a voucher I don’t want since I wanted to buy Happy Tots pouches. Ah well, I guess baby girl will be getting a gift from ecomom for Christmas now.

  3. Lisa G. says

    Their site is being slammed right now. They’re taking a ten minute break at 9AM PST to increase capacity.

  4. Charlene says


    It is hard to list every detail in posts because they start to look like War & Peace and I have found people don’t read it. I will make a note that people need to read the details listed on the voucher page though. I would just email Plum District and I bet they give you a refund.

  5. Jennifer says

    Oh I just meant readers should note. I get that you can’t note every detail in a post. I’m sure I will find something else to get, just bummed to realize I wasn’t going to be able to use my deal to get pouches.

  6. Rachel says

    I placed an order last night and I bought $60 worth of products for the price of my $20 Plum District voucher. Shipping was free, otherwise quite reasonable at 2.99 flat rate. Super awesome deal!

  7. Charlene says


    My brain can’t handle all this math :P. If it is $20 for $60 the Skip Hop bag would be $20 + $10= $30?


  8. Charlene says

    Oh LOL- Skip Hop is excluded so it is the same as I posted. My brain is swimming from all the deals.

  9. Shannon Thomsen says

    I just tried to do this and was told that the discount and voucher can’t be stacked. So I can have the 40 dollars off 100 OR I can have 40 dollars for the twenty dollar voucher.

    Wouldn’t have this been the same since the start of this?

  10. Charlene says


    When I click on the link in the post to Ecomom, it says “Use your existing voucher to add to the savings”. I can’t see anywhere that says vouchers are not allowed to be used. Perhaps you can email Ecomom and ask them to assist you?

  11. Trisha says

    I just tried the deal too, you can’t stack the voucher with the promotional discount. I looked into it further and it says “Most promotions do not stack. For instance only the higher of two % off discounts will apply, and in most cases we do not allow vouchers and % off discounts to stack.”

  12. Elizabeth says

    I did this yesterday, using a Plum District voucher. It worked perfectly. It takes the $40 off automatically. Then when you put the voucher in, it takes the $40 off that. It won’t take it off if it’s not exactly $100 or over. It also won’t take it off if excluded items are in there (though it would if you went above and beyond that I think).

  13. Melissa says

    It worked for me but I had to create an ecomom account before it would accept my plum voucher. They only want you to use one voucher per an account per a month so that is why you must be signed in for it to work. I had to cotact the company to figure it out but it does work!

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