Costco Coupon Book Deals 11/8-11/25

Here are the coupon book deals that run from 11/8-11/25 at Costco. These books come in the mail or you can often find them at the customer service desk in store. Occasionally the cashiers have the booklets as well but it is best to have it with you just in case.

For the items listed as instant savings there is no coupon needed. The items listed as Costco coupons, you just need to scan the booklet at checkout and all the coupons will come off. (There is no need to actually cut coupons.)

These are all prices from my store so there may be some variation from region to region. I would love to hear if you are finding the same prices that I do at your store (and what state it is in!)

You can see the master list of Costco Everyday Deals here.

This List Has Expired


And here are a few deals from my store that are not advertised:

  • Jamba Juice Greek Smoothie Mix $6.99 after instant discount (3pk)
  • Sobe 12pk $7.99 after instant discount (.66 each)
  • Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup 12pk $8.79 after instant discount (.73 per can)
  • Starbucks Refreshers 12ct $11.99 after instant discount ($1 per can)
  • Stride Rite Tights for Girls 3pk $9.99
  • Dyson DC 33 Vacuum $369


  1. Shannon says

    SO, with the $5 off coupon for starbucks coffee, can that be combined with the $3 off of 2 manufacturer’s coupon? Then I would get $15 off of two bags of 2.5 lb coffee. The manufacturer’s coupon says “limit one coupon per item purchased”. I am new to couponing, so does this mean that I cannot combine them?

    Thanks so much for all your great tips!!

  2. Charlene says

    Shannon, I have never been able to use manufacturer coupons at my Costco. I don’t think they accept them?

  3. Shannon says

    You’re right. Just found out their coupon policies. They only accept their own coupons. But, $5 off is a GREAT deal! Thanks so much for the share:)

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