Brave Movie Deals and Brave Rebates

Brave will be released 11/13.  These are the prices and deals we should see next week. I have to say our family loved this movie.  We saw it in the theaters twice and my little girl actually went as Merida for Halloween.  I highly recommend adding it to your collection.  The funny thing about this Disney movie is that my husband has been asking me when it comes out.  I think the humor is not too much for little ones but it will appeal to adults as well.  Also the animation on this one is just spectacular.  This one is my favorite Disney movie to date.

You can see a little behind the scenes clip of how they did Merida’s crazy hair here.

I am listing next week’s prices below and then at the bottom I have a few Black Friday deals for you. There is no Brave coupon mentioned in any ad so it doesn’t appear one will be available.


Shipping is free with Prime or $25 orders.

 {Best Buy:}

  • DVD $16.99
  • BluRay $22.99
  • 3D BluRay $27.99
  • 5 Disc BluRay Combo Pack with free metal lunchbox $29.99

{Rite Aid:}

  • DVD $19.99 with a $5 +Up Reward back


  • DVD $19.99 and get back $5 ECB’s

{Toys R Us:}

*Not yet available.


  • DVD $15.99
  • BluRay DVD + Book $19.99
  •  3D BluRay $27.99

*Buy Brave on BluRay and save $7.50 on a Disney Princess Doll.  Merida is pictured at $12 so a great deal!

{Disney Store:}

*If you preorder the 2 Disk Combo Pack, you will get a free Lithograph set and a coupon for $20 off a future online purchase of $40 or more or $10 off a future online purchase of up to $39.99.

Brave must be preordered by 11/12 to get the free Lithograph set and the coupon.

{Black Friday Deals:}

  • Walmart: Brave Bluray $8.96
  • Target: Brave DVD $10
  • Sam’s Club: Brave Bluray $9.98


Usually Disney movies have more then one proof of purchase so you might be able to submit multiple rebates.

One last note is that you can click below to get some fun activities for the kiddos!

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  1. Amber says

    I don’t see the 19.99 deal at Target you mentioned with the book….can you give me a link? I have it on preorder at Amazon but the book deal for 19.99 is awesome! please help!

  2. Charlene says

    No I don’t have a link for you. This is from next week’s ad so you can check online on Sunday to see the ad or check in your Sunday newspaper. The books are usually small about the size of the movie.

  3. ali says

    For the Kellogs deal it says “any brave combo pack”. What does that mean? More than just the movie itself?

  4. karen says

    is the black friday ad also applicable to being purchased online? I do not want to go into the stores like the craziness. :)

  5. Charlene says


    I would say overall about 95% of the deals advertised were available online. The trick is you need to watch constantly because stuff sells out really fast. I typically post about 40-50 things on Thursday and Friday ;). Oh and last year the sales started early on Thursday.

  6. Emily says

    Do you know if the rebate offers will be good if the movie combo is purchased through Amazon? Since the purchase isn’t through a retail store, I’m wondering if it would be honored? The fine print on the rebate form says the purchase has to be made in the same state as the consumer address…do you know if that applies to amazon purchases?

  7. Charlene says

    Laura, There is no coupon referenced in any ad and no coupon link that I have seen. I think because the Black Friday sales are so aggressive this year.

  8. Crystal says

    I know this is a bit of an older post, but I did the target deal this week, and bought the Brave blu ray/DVD combo pack that one that is packaged as a book ($19.99) and also purchased the Brave Merida doll ($19.99). I received -$7.50 off automatically, and then used the $5off coupon in the Target toy book (good on any Disney toy priced $19 or higher). My total after everything was about $29 after tax. I also plan on doing the Kellogg’s rebate, hopefully.

  9. Tiff says

    I did the target blu-ray combo/ doll deal for Brave- but I went to do the Kellogs rebate and there are no tabs on the packaging only the UPC- now what?

  10. Charlene says


    I am sorry but I am not following your question. Is there a reason you can’t cut the proof of package off? My movie has two small ones above the UPC that just need to be cut off.

  11. Tiff says

    The target only one with the book does not have the two little proofs- only the UPC…..

  12. Charlene says

    Well, I guess you would need to return the Bluray and book for a regular combo pack at Target or try to get in touch with the company offering the rebate and ask for assistance. I don’t handle rebates myself so I am not sure how I can help if you are certain there is no proof of purchase anywhere. You need to get in touch with them directly. My combo pack does have the proof of purchase on the back but I didn’t buy the one with the book included.

  13. Lindsay says

    I was just trying to do the rebate with the combo pack from Target and also don’t have the proof of purchase tabs, I am not sure what to do as I have already opened it hoping I would find them inside?

  14. Tiff says

    I exchanged from the Target combo to the regular combo pack. My Target let me exchange the opened one.

  15. Misty says

    I had already taken advantage of Target’s Brave special book edition blue-ray and doll, and when I went to get my proof’s of purchase off the DVD for the rebates, I can’t find any!!!! Did this special edition one not come with any? I have the cardboard all the inserts, the book/dvd holder, no proof’s of purchase! Help!

  16. Charlene says


    Just check the comments above for assistance if your pack does not have the proof of purchase.

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