Arthur Christmas Figures $1.98


There is a cute little 6 piece Arthur Christmas figures set available for $1.98 right now.

This is offered from Toys R Us and it appears to be online only.  The shipping is usually so high from them, this is really only a deal if you have other items to buy or those of you with Shoprunner.

These would be really cute little stocking stuffers- I grabbed a set for a car trip we have coming up.

I would imagine this will not last much longer so grab it now.

Head over to Toys R Us and this is item # 422315.

**You might do a quick search for “Arthur Christmas” after you grab this set.  I saw several other items for super cheap but it looks like many of them are actually sold out once you add them to your cart.

One last note, last year Toys R Us cancelled a lot of orders because their inventory does not update very quickly online.  Just keep in mind your order might be cancelled- hopefully it does come.



  1. karen says

    wow, just poked on the website, they are out of the stock to ship to your house. i ordered it immediately when I saw it on frugal adventures and then got the ups notification of its shipment. I hope people were able to get them!

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