Amazon Toy Deals: Furby, Playdoh, Step 2

Here are some of the great deals coming from Amazon today.

The first thing is this case of Playdoh- 10 pack for $4.79.  I just grabbed this for my little Miss Maya’s stocking.  Children love Playdoh so this is a great item to grab for Toys 4 Tots.  Another little tip, if I am putting together meals for moms that are sick or have new babies this would be a great addition to your package if they have other children. It is inexpensive and will keep those little ones out from under her feet for at least the time it takes to shower.

And the lightning deals for today-these go SUPER FAST so you want to be ready and waiting a few minutes before.  Be logged in and seriously ready to buy right when the sale flips and hopefully you get your item.  (PS: Keep the screen open if you are waitlisted- there is a good chance they will let you have the item.)

  • 11:59am PST—Lego Minotaurus Game
  • 1:59pm PST– Step 2 Neat and Tidy Cottage
  • 1:59pm PST- Furby (probably $45 price)
  • 5:59pm PST– Barbie 2 story beach house
  • 7:59pm PST– Furby again (probably $45)

There are tons and tons of deals.  You can use the arrows here to see everything available. There is also a drop down on the right side that will allow you to sort by category.



  1. Annie says

    I have been looking for a 12″ or 14″ boy bike for $30 or under. If you see that, could you please post it? I can’t find anything…

  2. Michelle L.-R. says

    ■11:59am PST—Lego Minotaurus Game – Was gone within seconds. I kept refreshing until the price finally dropped to $12.49 at 12:01pm and it was already gone at that point.

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