Amazon: Lightning Deals (Cricut, Playdoh, Chuggington, Step 2 and More)

The Lightning deals are still going strong over at Amazon and there are several today worth mentioning. I wanted to highlight a few so you can be ready!

A few good ones I spotted- Cuisinart Breadmaker at 10 am PST, various Cricut cartridges throughout the day, Playdoh at 12 pm PST and more!  And I wanted to especially mention the Step 2 Treehouse and Slide that will go live at 11 am PST. These are really great toys and I know several people that actually pull these toys indoors for the winter months to keep the kids busy.

It looks like the new Tinkerbell movie will be up at 9.10am PST.  That is a great one.

There is also a few scrapbook paper deals and a Family Tree software program.  I have always wanted to do a comprehensive Family Tree as a gift for my Dad.

And if you have little Chuggington fans, check back at 3 pm PST to see what kind of deal they offer on the Chuggington Die Cast Wilson’s Wild Ride.

You know the drill by now- The prices are not listed and you just have to check back at the scheduled time.  The items go crazy fast so be there early and make sure you are logged in and ready to buy immediately.

You might want to set the alarm on your phone so you don’t forget!

You can go over here and see all the items on sale today and get an idea of what you are interested in.  Click the arrows on the sides to see everything.  If you have specific items you want, you can select a category on the right side just above the images.



  1. Elizabeth says

    Is there an easy way to find the Cricut deals? I’m not seeing them on the first page…

  2. Charlene says


    I would have to look up each item and post the links which I can’t do at the moment. Also you have to buy from this page so it wouldn’t be that helpful.

    Just click the arrows right there at the top of the page on either the left or right side to scroll through the offers available.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Oh, I just figured out a way – There’s a category drop box and you can select Arts, Crafts, and Sewing. That brought up Cricut items right away!
    : )

  4. Charlene says


    Just click the link below and use the arrows to see all the deals. It is listed at 3pm PST for me.

  5. Jennifer says

    Thanks for posting the great deals. I just got an amazing deal on play doh. : )

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