30 Flat or 20 Folded Holiday Cards for $10 Shipped

You can get a good deal on holiday cards.  Choose from 30 flat or 20 folded cards for only $10 and that includes shipping. These look like nice cards and you can add a picture or even several if you like.

You can choose from lots of different designs and colors.  Head over to Vistaprint to order your custom cards.

And you can still get holiday cards 70% off at Cardstore.com but today is the last day!


  1. melissa says

    Which ones are 30 for $10? I just tried it with 30 5×7 flat cards and I’m getting $14.99.

  2. Charlene says


    Just check the post again. It says 30 flat cards or 20 folded cards for $10. I tested one of each style and it worked fine. If you get 30 folded cards the price will be $14.99.

  3. Jenell says

    FYI: I think this is eneded now. I tried to order 30 flat cards and the price is now $13.49

  4. Jenell says

    Sorry, I was wrong, the deal worked for me now. Apparently I have to use the link above to get the special deal. Thanks for posting!

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