York Photo: 20 Photo Cards $4.50 Shipped

Here is another nice offer for photo cards.  You can get 20 4×8 cards plus envelopes for $1. Shipping was $3.49 for me bringing the total to $4.49.  There are lots of options- holiday cards, invitations, birth announcements and more.

You can also get 40 free prints.  That added $2.74 in shipping to the order so- $.06 per print. That is a great price for prints.

Just head over to here to make your custom items. Use coupon code: 1CARD at checkout.

*New Customers Only.



  1. Trisha says

    Thanks for posting this deal! I have never ordered from York before so I am wondering what other think of their products and photo quality? Thanks in advance:)

  2. Kelly says

    Quick and easy, and it was cheaper than stated. My total for 20 custom cards came to $4.09. That’ll save me some stress next month. Now I just need stamps!!

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