Walgreens Coupon Deals 10/07 – 10/13

Here are the best deals from the Walgreens ad this week. If you are new to Walgreens shopping you can learn about couponing here. Be sure to check out the new Walgreens Coupon Policy!

Click below to see the complete list of Walgreens deals…

This List Has Expired

Any other great deals you can see this week?


  1. Pam says

    Wow, not too many RR items. I heard they were not doing away with the RR program, but it certainly looks like it to me. I prefer getting the RR, less out of pocket. I don’t think I’ll be shopping there as much. Curious on what others think…

  2. Jan says

    Charlene, I got an email about buy $15 beauty products and get 3000 points only today. Am not sure what’s included in these. When I went online to my points account, the ad shows up, but it doesn’t know which ones are included. Are you aware? Thanks.

  3. Charlene says


    I am not certain but my guess would be anything near the beauty adviser register in store- skin care, hair care and cosmetics.

  4. diana says

    The walgreens q for 2.00 off olay bodywash is only good for 23 oz ones. The ones 3/10 are 10 to 12 oz. Found out the hard way today…..

  5. Bobbi Jo says

    Is the lysol coupon gone? I can’t find it anywhere on their facebook page. It brings me to their game, I play it and then…nothing?

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