Snapfish: Free Photobook and Photo Prints for New Accounts

Here is another great offer for photobooks.

In my opinion, November is typically when we start seeing the best deals on photobooks and last year they seemed to dry up the closer we got to Christmas.

This might be the time you consider making any photobooks to catch up on the year (or in my case, last 5 years) or for holiday gifts.

If you are a new customer to Snapfish, they are offering 100 free photo prints plus a free 8×11 photobook!

Now I am pretty sure shipping fees are still charged and they can be a little high.  I am not a new customer so I have not tested it but I am thinking you might have $15 or so to pay for shipping.

So while this is not completely free, it is still an excellent deal and you can feel comfortable that you will get a nice quality product from Snapfish.

Again this offer is only for new customers and you will want to click here to get started.

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