Rite Aid Deals 10/07 – 10/13


Be sure to read all about the ad perk coupons.  You can see the newest Rite Aid Coupon Policy here. If you are new to Rite Aid shopping, you can read Rite Aid Couponing 101 before you get started.

This List Has Expired

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  1. Susan says

    I don’t see the $1.25 off resolve coupon, only $.50/1. Am I missing it or is it gone? The werther’s link isn’t working also. Thanks Charlene!!

  2. Kina says

    My store was completely wiped out of the Thermacare patches. FYI the coupons for the Hershey bars beeped, though the cashier still took them. The Trident coupon wouldn’t scan at all, but he manually took that coupon as well. My store was also out of the Got 2 Be Oil-licious, there was only one. I debated whether or not I wanted to just get a great deal on some hair product that I actually use or wait for them to get more of the oil in so I could get the money maker. I’m going for the money-maker since I already have a lot of hair products. I’ll have to do it on a raincheck.

  3. Kina says

    The Werther’s link wasn’t working for me earlier on a different computer. I was giving me a security warning like someone hijacked their page or something. It is after midnight and I tried it again on this other computer and it worked fine. You have to sign up to vote and then vote for your favorite fall holiday and it will give you the link to the coupon. I was able to print 2.

  4. Hannh says

    Either my local Rite-Aid store is not accurately posting the +UP rewards, or I have misunderstood something: I bought the ‘money-maker’ deal you proposed on the FantasyMakers nail polish, paying $2.99 for the first and $1.49 for the second, equalling $4.48 – I was given 1 +UP at $3.00, leaving me paying the surplus and the tax. What have I missed here? Am I supposed to get 2 x +UP for the BOG1/2 purchase? Thanks.

  5. Charlene says

    Yes Hannh you should get (2) of them. If you didn’t get two, you have paid $1.48 for both items or just return the second one for a refund of $1.49. You can also argue with the store or call customer service- whatever you prefer to do.

  6. hanna says

    Not seeing the glad coupon. only glad facebook wildlife video. Is there something I need to do for the coupon?

  7. KinaKouponer says

    I went back and let my store know that their Halloween makeup was tagged incorrectly. They let me buy the second one at the 50% off price and the +Ups came out for it so we are all good. I got the Revlon blush deal also. I think I’m going to go back to get another set. It will make a great addition to xmas gift baskets. :)

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