Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 10/17

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here.

You can read about the loyalty card program here.  They are now accepting registrations for the program in store or online here.

This List Has Expired
RALEY'S OFFERS (These may not be the same for everyone)


  1. Adrienne H. says

    I browsed the additional sale items online and found

    Suave Lotion 2/$5 and there was a $2/1 MQ in RedPlum some inserts had different value/qty.
    Lighthouse and Marzetti apple dips $2.50 wyb 3+ and there’s a $1/1 IP for Marzetti and $1/1 MQ in SS 10/7
    Lipton Pure Leaf teas 10/$10 and if you use SavingStar, there’s $5 wyb $10 until 10/24/12

    There’s probably a few more, but that’s all I could see that jumped out.

  2. KinaKouponer says

    I got an offer for $2 off $10 of Frozen foods. This may go well with the Lean Cuisine that are 5 for $10 so $1.60 each. There also seems to be a SavingStar $5 for $20 of Lean Cuisine, but I think you would have to have that Quality of Life card already. I missed it because it doesn’t look like they are giving them out anymore with the new program. SavingStar doesn’t seem to be linked to the new cards.

  3. KinaKouponer says

    These are the offers I received this week.
    $2 OFF your next $10 or more purchase from our Frozen Foods Department
    Limit 1 per customer • Good thru 11-13-12

    $2 OFF your next $10 or more purchase from our Produce Department
    Limit 1 per customer • Good thru 11-13-12

    $1.25 OFF your next $6 or more purchase from our Bakery Department
    Limit 1 per customer • Good thru 11-13-12

    $1.50 OFF your next $8 or more purchase from our Fresh Service Deli Department
    Limit 1 per customer • Good thru 11-13-12

  4. Charlene says

    Oh that is way better then what I got Kina! Is that under available offers for you? Mine just shows the one cruddy coupon but I wonder if that is because I don’t shop often at Raleys?

  5. Endcapps says

    I’m with Kina on Saving Star linking to new Raleys cards. I contacted both Raleys & Saving Star expressing my desire. They both responded that they’re “working on it.”

    Apparently, the Quality of Life Card is being replaced with a similar school/nonprofit-benefitting card called Extra Credit (or something). For now, I am sticking with swiping my Quality of Life Card because that is my only link to Saving Star. Bad news is that the register will only accept a swipe from either Quality of Life Card or Something Extra Card. So I must decide which is the better deal of the two.

  6. Chalette S. says

    Hey guys, let me see if I can answer some of your questions.

    The Something Extra Program is a personalized shopping rewards program. The more you shop, the better and more tailored the offers will be for you.

    I’ve spoken with our Main Office and they are trying to work on linking Savings Star to the Something Extra program.

    Customers who do not sign up for Something Extra will have until January to continue using the Quality of Life Card. After that, they must sign up for Something Extra to link the two cards together. Currently, you may use only one of these cards, not both.

    If you have signed up already, it’s really simple to link your organization.
    Sign into your account, use the drop down menu Something Extra, and select Extra Credit. You will need to enter your Zip code and it will show all the local organizations in your area. You may select more than one organization and select the precentage of donation you wish to make. You can also track your donation credits on this page. I choose a local high school band and then used a Bay Area Zip code to select PBS as well.

    Thanx Charlene!

  7. Endcapps says

    re: Raleys “Your Offers” Tab
    I wonder if Raleys is beginning to differentiate shopper habits & give different offers. I am at 215 Points. I noticed yesterday in “Your Offers” Tab, I rec’d the same 4 offers as Kina. In my email, Raleys sent me this message:

    “We hope you enjoy these extra special savings from all four corners of our store. Keep up the good work using your card or number at checkout and we’ll send you more surprises and offers soon. Thanks for shopping!”

    Today when I checked “Your Offers” Tab, they gave a addional Offer to me — the $5/$50… total of 5 offers over 2 days. Just sharing observations in case someone can figure out a pattern to Raley’s offers.

  8. Kippin says

    I’m at 576 and haven’t gotten anything new this “week”. I got the email last week with the $2 off $10 frozen and all those others. Again, not impressed at all. They never have additional coupons in their ads anymore either. I find myself slowly pulling away from them and heading over to a bargain store that I don’t really care for but afford better – except meat, which I will only buy from Raley’s or Safeway. I’m disappointed with the new program.

  9. Ashley says

    Gosh! Some of you are really lucky! I didn’t get any deals this week and all I got last week was 1.49 Special K, 49¢ avocados and 99¢ dozen eggs.. I have over 500 points.. I am really disappointed.

  10. E says

    No new offers here. I’m really disappointed. I was willing to give this program a try, but now I just want those e-coupons back. :(

  11. Adrienne H. says

    I’m missing the ecoupons too. I only got the $5/50 and I’ve NEVER spent that much @ Raley’s in one transaction. I don’t even think there’s enough deals this week to even try. Even after looking online. I don’t like their new weekly ad in that you have to log in to see anything else on sale. Between Raley’s new loyalty program and Walgreen’s new point system, I’ve been going more to Safeway and CVS.

  12. Kina says

    Yes, they were under Your Offers. I probably won’t even get to use them this week.

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