Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels


This isn’t something very original- I have seen lots of variations on chocolate covered pretzels over the years.  I thought I would mention it though because I just made these over the weekend.

These are really easy to do and they are so yummy to give as little party favors or treats for the kiddos.  I haven’t found anyone that can resist chocolate covered pretzels- the combo of sweet plus a little salt is my favorite type of dessert for sure.

For white chocolate- which I prefer for Halloween- I like to use Wilton wafers, Almond Bark or Vanilla Bark.  Those can be found in the baking aisle of most stores and are much easier to handle then regular white chocolate.

I used vanilla bark from Target which melts really easily and stays nice and creamy.  (It does cost a little more but your end product will look so much nicer so I think it is worth it.)

As far as coating the pretzels, you can pour the melted chocolate into a cup to dip or a plate to roll it in.  I try to be careful with how much I put on- a thin layer is perfect so your pretzel doesn’t break.

After rolling the pretzel in chocolate, I put the sprinkles on heavily and let cool.  The vanilla or almond bark cools really easily and quickly.  I like to lay out the sticks on a sheet of wax paper but that will give you one flat edge.  You can also try a cooling rack to avoid the flat edge.

I made these rods and put them in little clear bags tied with ribbon for little treats for some of the girl’s friends.

I also made smaller ones to put in lunchboxes as a treat.   I dipped them in a bowl of melted vanilla bark and then put the sprinkles on heavily.

The vanilla bark dries in about 30 minutes and they are ready to eat!

I noticed at Walmart they have fun bright green and bright orange Wilton wafers.   If you want to do milk chocolate, the green or orange would look great drizzled over the pretzels.

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