DIY Pottery Barn Kids Step Stools


I love these custom Pottery Barn step stools for little ones but at $39 a pop plus $7 for the monogramming plus $8 for shipping… Well it works out to almost $60 for a stool- Yikes!

I figured out a way to make these for a fraction of the cost.  I used my Silhouette machine to make my stool BUT I have ideas for those of you without one of these magic little machines too.

I found an almost identical stool at Target for $16.99.  It comes in navy blue, pink or white.

I did try to buy a cheaper stool at a craft store originally but it was so wobbly and unsafe….  total waste of money.  This stool from Target is very stable so well worth the $17 price tag.

I used the Silhouette to cut my little girl’s name out in pink vinyl.  Pottery Barn uses Garamond lettering- I used Georgia.

And viola!  Fifteen minutes later it was all done.


I think this adds a really cute touch to something very functional in the bathroom.  Plus Maya loves seeing her name every morning.   I am so happy with how this turned out and I hope some of you might be interested in customizing your own little step stool.

I think the name is cute but there are other options if you prefer little butterflies, race cars… whatever matches your bathroom.

If you do not have a Silhouette machine, not to worry.

I found tons of vinyl letters in various colors on Amazon for about $6 a pack.

I also found stencils to purchase at for $5.99 plus there is a 50% off coupon out right now.

(I did see a few tutorials on pinterest for painting letters on wood.  I will warn you that I tried three methods and all three were a giant bust for me.  If you are artistic and not as craft-challenged as I am, you might take a look over there.)


  1. Charlene says


    I didn’t see the stool online either- I was looking for a link. It seems to be in stores only.

  2. barb says

    Great idea!! I am guessing the silhouette is like a cricut… If it is I used contact paper (yes the stuff you line your drawers with), to cut out words for my kitchen walls using a friends cricut. I would imagine its cheaper than vinyl, comes in lots of colors and if you are like me you’ve got it already. My words on my wall have lasted 2 years and still look perfect. It could make the project even cheaper.

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