CVS Coupon Deals 10/28 – 11/03

You can learn more about how to get started shopping at CVS here. Make sure you are registered to get  CVS coupons via email!  You should get a $4/20 coupon right away.

There are two ads this week.  The first runs from 10/28 through 10/31:

This List Has Expired

The second runs from 11/01 through 11/03:

This List Has Expired

Plus the ad starting 11/01 says there should be a 20% off an entire purchase of regular price items will be printing at the coupon machine so don’t forget to scan your card!

You can see more drug store deals for this week here.


  1. Endcapps says

    Ebony Magazine, Nov. issue contains a P&G Coupon Booklet with nice coupons to match the CVS deals.
    $1.50/1 Pampers, x12/31
    $1/1 Tide, x12/31

  2. Jan says

    I got a quick question on a cvs matchup. I am new to couponing and trying to understand better. Starting 10/28, CVS has a p&g ecb buy $30 get $10 ecb. Olay regenerist and covergirl is part of this deal. I was wondering if Cvs will accept a coupon on a free item. In 10/28 RP we have a free cover girl lipstick wyb Olay regenerist coupon. Is it possible to use $5/2 cover girl items from 9/16 RP if I buy

    (1) regenerist $20.99
    (2) cover girl lip items – this s boo 50% off and part if the ecb $7.99+$3.99
    Total $31.97

    Use $5/2 cover girl cosmetics 9/16 RP
    Use free cover girl lip item wyb Olay regenerist 10/28 RP
    Use $5/1 Olay regenerist 9/30 RP

    Pay $31.97-$5-$7.99-$5=$13.98
    Get $10 ecb.

    Is this possible? Will they accept the $5/2 cover girl coupons when one of the items is free from another coupon?

  3. Jan says

    How many cents less can I be from $30 in order for the ecb to still print? I read somewhere on your blog that even if the total is a little less than $30 it will still print. I forgot the percentage. Thanks. Wondering if I can just buy (5) of the detergents

  4. Jan says

    The revlonnail clippers are limit 6, which means can I buy 12 in one transaction and get 6*$7 ecb? Can I roll them to buy the next one as well? Will it still print?

  5. Charlene says


    Yes you can buy the same items again at CVS with no problems and yes the ECB should still print for every 2 you buy.

  6. Jan says

    Thanks a ton Charlene. I plan to modify my transaction a little bit. Instead of $5/2, am going to use $2.50/1 from 9/16 RP. I want to take advantage of the bogo 50% cover girl offer

    (1) Olay regenerist $20.99
    (1) cover girl outlast $8.99
    (1) cover girl lip perfection $3.99 (from bogo)

    Total $33.97

    Use (1) free cg lip perfection wyb olay reg 10/28 RP
    Use (1) $5/1 Olay reg from 10/28 RP
    Use (1) $2.50/1 cg outlast from 9/16 RP

    Pay $33.97-$3.99-$5-$2.50

    Get $10 ecb. So like paying $12.48 for everything. If it takes $7.99 off the lip perfection, then even better.

  7. Jan says

    Another deal idea fr the $30 p&g is

    (2) tide $11.98
    (1) gain $5.94
    (2) cover girl lipstick $5.99+$2.99
    (2) Aussie shampoo $5.98

    Use (2) $1/1 tide
    (1) $1/1 gain
    (1) $5/2 cg from 9/16 RP
    (1) $1/2 Aussie AND (1) $1/2 Cvs coupon on any shampoo

    Pay $31.88-$10 in coupons = $21.88 get $10 back. Like paying $11.88 for (3) laundry detergents, (2) lipsticks and (2) shampoos

  8. Jan says

    Yes I am. I couldn’t do the Aussie deal this week since I didn’t have the bogo coupon. I think I will be close to the rebate after this.

  9. Charlene says


    That is right. I think it is $.94-.99 and it still prints. I might be wrong though and it is .96-.99. You can always try it and then if the darn thing doesn’t print you could go back and get the .99 dawn and it will print out. If I am following you on this, your total would be $29.70 and I don’t think it will print for you with $.30 off.

  10. Karen T. says

    Hi Charlene,
    I’ve heard that the ECB will print @98%, so it should print with $29.40. HTH

  11. Charlene says

    Really? Ok well for sure try it and let us know how it works Jan! You might get lucky but if not the Dawn is just a few cents more in a second transaction.

  12. Jan says

    Thanks Charlene, jus t learnt today that at cvs transactions can be broken to get the $ amount which is awesome for newcomers like me. If we make a mistake, we can still catch up.

  13. Charlene says

    Yeah CVS is really the easiest store to get started with. It is my favorite because my brain is terrible with numbers so I can never calculate fast enough for Walgreens and Rite Aid is just so complicated.

  14. franki says

    @Jan-love to see newb enthusiasm!
    There is also a mail in rebate for $15 back on a $50 total purchase, and you have until the end of the year to finish it.
    Factoring that in should make your Olay/CG free

    If you’re lucky enough to find 12 cheap revlon at one time, I suggest splitting them up. If you buy 2, you get $7 back. If you buy 4, you don’t get 2 $7extrabucks, you get one $14. If you bought all 12 at once, you’d end up with a single $42extrabuck. That is not easy to spend, trust me.

    TY for great matchups, Charlene.
    98% rule has always worked for me

  15. Jan says

    Thanks s much franki. I didn’t realize that I would end up with $42.

    Charlene, I have a question. Starting Wednesday, the coupon machine has 20% off coupon. For deals that require $$ amount, it is before or after the 20% off?

  16. Jan says

    It also says regular price items, so do the p&g items qualify under this?

  17. Rachel says

    Hi, not sure if this is a silly question but i was wondering if i can do the first P&G deal today and get the $10 ECB and then do it again when the deals start again on weds getting another $10 ECB. i know its a limit of one per household just not sure if it re-sets tomorrow. I have a new baby so hoping to stock up on Pampers diapers!!

  18. Endcapps says

    I see $0.83 Chex Cereals at CVS now that new SavingStar offers are up!
    Buy 2 Chex Cereals $1.88 ea. Advertised sale
    Use $1.10/2 printable from bettycrocker site
    Get $1/2 rebate back from SavingStar
    $0.83 each web 2

    While you are at Bettycrocker site, get a 2013 calendar free.

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