Cinderella BluRay $17.99

There is a great deal on Cinderella running at Toys R Us through Monday.

You can get the Cinderella BluRay combo pack for $17.99.  There is a Cinderella coupon available but it is for the 3disk set so it can’t be used on this deal.

It looks like other movies are included in this offer so you might check the other movies out because some of them may have coupons on the front.  I think there was a $6 off coupon when you buy 2 Disney movies coupon on some of these.

If you have time to do extra shopping today only (10/6), you might check your local Rite Aid ad and see if you have the Toys R Us gift card promotion available.  If you do, that makes an even better deal but just note you may want to call Rite Aid ahead of time to make sure they are not sold out on these gift cards.

You can also preorder Brave right now!


  1. Rachel says

    If you order it online at, they are offering free shipping on all Disney DVD pre-orders including this 2-disk Cinderella. They are also offering a free Cinderella alarm clock (value 14.99) with purchase but shipping is 2.99 for that. Great deal!!

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