Safeway Deals: iTunes, Hormel and Luvs Diapers

Here are a few more deals for the week at Safeway stores:

Luvs Diapers Jumbo Packs are priced at $5.00 tomorrow only (9/7)
Check your Just for U account, because under coupons and baby, mine has a $1 off Luvs coupon

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the diapers and that Just for U coupon should come off for each pack you purchase in the same transaction (just one transaction so buy all the ones you want in one trip).

*I checked and this is $.12 per diaper so it actually beats the Luvs deal running at Target this week.

Reader Sylvia mentioned she found an iTunes coupon in her Just for U account.
I have the same coupon, it is $15 off a $50 gift card purchase (under special offers)

There is also the catalina I mentioned in the weekly deals running right now for $5 back when you spend $30 or more on iTunes cards!

So here is how it looks:

Buy 1 card for $50
Use the Just for U coupon for $15 off your purchase
Pay $35 and get a $5 catalina coupon for next time.

Great deal!

Reader Adena has a personal price of $2.29 for Hormel lunchmeat. This week there is a $1.50 off Just for U coupon. If you find that personal price in your account, you will pay $.79 per pack!

You can buy as many as you want and the coupon comes off each pack. You can only do one transaction though, so again buy all you want at one time.

Now I do not have this personal price so just double check no limits are stated on the offer when you save it to your card.

Reader M found Heinz Ketchup 32/36oz as a personal price of $1.73.  There is also a Just for U coupon for $1 off the same size- so $.73 after coupon!

Again these are all deals that may or may not be in your account, but certainly worth looking for!  If you are not familiar with Just for U, read all about it here.

You can see the rest of this week’s Safeway deals here.

Oh PS:  Here is my plan for Safeway.  I usually buy organic strawberries but this week I want to make jam with the girls, so I am going to try this:

Buy 5 packs of strawberries at $2.49
Use Just for U coupon for $.50 off each
and Use Just for U personal deal of $3 off a $10 produce purchase

If that works properly I will pay $1.39 per lb! I need a filler to hit $10, so I will probably grab a few bananas.


  1. Amanda says

    Thanks for posting these deals including the Just for You stuff. It’s really helpful!

  2. lana says

    i have a j4u price for the hormel, there was also a printable coupon out there a couple weeks back that some still have :)

  3. Charlene says


    The only printable coupon I have seen is for $.50 so even with doubles that would not be as good for a deal as using the Just for U coupon at $1.50. I think it could be nice though if you want to do multiple transactions since the Just for U only works once.

  4. Carrie says

    I have the Hormel coupon for 1.50 and it says “one time”. Does that mean one package, or one transaction?

  5. CynthiaL says

    Thanks for posting the diaper deal! Just check my Just4U and so happy I have the $1 Luv! Thanks!

  6. Charlene says


    It means one transaction unless you see anywhere on the coupon a limit. This particular one does not have a limit but sometimes they do.

  7. Eve T says

    I love the Just 4 U program of Safeway! I always get a $3 off $10 in produce, and lots of great personalized prices.

  8. Caroline says

    I have a $1.50 and a $0.50 on the Hormel in my J4U will both of these coupons come off or just one.

  9. Lori says

    Do you think we will credited $20 if we purchase $80 in one transaction? I have multiple diaper coupons in my JFU, many of which are limit 4 on the huge boxes. My Luvs coupon is limit 1. So I’m looking at options.

  10. Charlene says


    I am sorry but I don’t understand. What credit? Is this is $40 in diapers thing you mean? On the Luvs are you sure it says limit one or says one-time? Mine says one time and there is no limit. One time means one transaction not one pack.

  11. Charlene says


    Supposedly just one comes off and I don’t know which one :). If it was me, I would roll the dice and see what happens :P. Officially I should probably suggest you only save the $1.50 one.

  12. Charlene says


    Mine has been $3/10 for awhile now. I tend to buy a lot of produce there though so maybe that is why.

  13. shelly says

    My hormel just 4 u coupon says “one time” not “unlimited” so I can only buy 1 pkg to get the deal? Thanks.

  14. Charlene says

    Shelly one time means one transaction. You can buy 100 if you want but it must all be in the same transaction.

  15. shelly says

    Just got back from Safeway. Purchased 4 pkgs of luvs @ $5 each. Card savings were $15.96, and $1 mfr. ecoupon. So I only paid $15+tax. Don’t know how, but I’m happy with that. .138c a diaper size 5

  16. Charlene says


    An extra $1 came off somehow. You should have paid $4.00 per pack so it sounds like you did $3.75 per pack. Nice!

  17. Lori says

    I’m talking about the diaper deal. If I purchase $40, $10 is automatically taken off. If I purchase $80 in one transaction, will $20 automatically come off?

    My coupon says, “$1.00 off ONE Luvs Diapers”. Emphasis theirs. Not, “Limit 1″. I have other coupons that say limit 1. I have other coupons that do not state a limit. But the only couopns I have that say, “ONE” are for diapers. Not certain how to take this.

    Also – does anyone know if the $40 is shelf price, or sale price?

  18. Charlene says


    I think you might be over complicating it ;). The coupon is valid for $1 off one package of Luvs diapers. You may purchase as many packages as you like in the same transaction and the coupon will come off for each and every package you buy whether you buy 2 packages or 150 packages. You may do that in one transaction only- so if you buy 4 packs today, you will receive $1 off each of those 4 packs to total $4.00. If you go back tonight to buy 4 more packages the coupon will not work for any of them.

    You might want to read the Just for U post here if you are still confused. There are images and very detailed explanations that will help clarify.

  19. Lori says

    The post at the top of the page is to the 2010 description of the program. I think you did something more recently, which explained it much better. Just a few months ago, I think? I remember it being full of explanations of the limit 1 vs one-time-use vs no stated limits on the coupons, and it made a lot of sense to me.

    What is getting me here is that the coupon is specifically saying ONE Luvs Diapers. If I go to the Hormel coupon, it says “$1.50 off Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat”. It does not specify that it is on one package, like the Luvs coupon does.

    Now, if everyone’s Luvs coupons has the ONE verbage on it, then we know that it is the same as one per item, unlimited within one transaction. I have not seen anyone confirm that their coupon said ONE on it, and they were able to purchase multiple packs. Some of my coupons are different from yours – like my produce is $3/15. I don’t remember the last time I bought diapers at a grocery store – it is possible my coupon is different than yours…..

  20. Charlene says

    Lori mine says one pack of diapers. What that means is that you save $1 on 1 pack. You do not save $1 on two packs or $1 off 3 packs. You save $1 on one pack. You can purchase 2 packs or 20 packs or 250 packs in the same transaction and one dollar will come off the purchase price for each and every one of those packs. I don’t know what else to say.

    The absolute worst situation that you will possibly find yourself in, is that you go to customer service and return the packs that don’t work.

  21. Mickey says

    Just went and bought 4 packs of LUV diapers. For some reason, just 4 you coupon counted $1 more. End up paying $14 for 4 packs = $3.50 per pack. Thanks for posting this deal. Love it!!

  22. Adrienne H. says

    When you’re looking at the J4U coupons for your account, when they are Save $xxx, it will ring up as an eCoupon (mfr). When it saves $xxx off (which seems to be the J4U savings) that will come off all items in that transaction (within the limit). And what I’ve seen, they stack because one shows as a store ecoupon and the other a manufacter ecoupon.

    With the OM hotdog deal last week, I was able to use the J4U store coupon that made them .99 and use $1/2 IP.

    The B$40Save$10 is for Huggies products.

  23. Charlene says


    I can only go by what I was told in a large seminar with Safeway corporate. They specially said to only stack coupons when they offer a specific price. So it may work but I feel an obligation to post the way they explained the program to us. If you see an example though where they stack a $ off Safeway coupon with a manyfacturer coupon let me know for sure and I will address it with them. :)

    Yes the spend $40 and save $10 is on Huggies.

  24. Stacey Rae says

    Thank you for posting the Luvs deal and informing me about the $1 coupon!!! Just like Shelly, they gave me an extra $1 off too! I stocked up and saved a bundle! THANK YOU!!!!

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