Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 9/26

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here.

Click below for the complete list of Raley’s & Bel Air Coupon Deals…

This List Has Expired
MONTH LONG DEALS (9/26-10/31)
Spend $20 and get a $5 Catalina Back
RALEY'S OFFERS (These may not be the same for everyone)

You can see the Raleys Catalina offers here.



  1. Sharla says

    Wow. We thought last weeks offers were bad. I was pretty bummed when I logged into my deals this morning. Slim Pickings!!

  2. Charlene says


    Did you see Safeway’s freebie this week? Mine was a 4pk of Izze. I am excited for that :).

  3. Sharla says

    Oh I didn’t get that. I got a free Plum Kids mashups 4 pack last week that I was excited about :)

  4. franki says

    maybe the question is if they actually have it? like last week’s MIA jello molds (grumble)
    Safeway looks better on paper but Nob Hill is a much more pleasant shopping experience

    I”m actually contemplating parting with almost $35 for chicken, pork roast & using my last Zevia coupons so I can use my 5 off $50. Not nearly as nice as the 5 off $15 pork or beef we used to get!!

  5. lena says

    i didnt get a freebie this week. but today i spent 42 after coupons and got 92 points, i already up to 447 points.. hope the rewards are good :)

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