Oregon Chai Coupon (+Chai Cookies Recipe)


There is a new Oregon Chai coupon for $1 off any product.

Chai Tea Lattes are one of my favorite things and they are really easy to make at home.  I like to get the Oregon Chai concentrate because to make a chai latte from scratch requires several fairly expensive spices.

There are two ways to make a chai latte- you can either mix equal parts of chai concentrate and milk in a cup and heat it over the stove (or cheat and pop it in the micro) or you can buy the boxes of chai tea and add hot water and milk.  I am pretty sure Starbucks uses the dry chai tea and hot water and milk.

You can also mix chai with apple cider for a chai cider which is something I want to try.

Or I love making this Chai Cookies Recipe in the fall.

You can find the Chai concentrate at Target for around $3.30- so $2.30 after coupon




  1. Pam says

    I’ve been waiting for this coupon to come out! yay, so excited. Saturday is the first day of Autumn, so now I feel like I can finally make those chai cookies!!! :)

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