Free $5 MP3 Credit for Amazon

There is a free $5 credit for Amazon MP3s that you can grab from Scott Paper products.

It only took me a few minutes to do and then I got a code instantly to enter in my account to get the $5 credit and I already bought something.

And that is it!  No catch, no strings, nothing to buy- just do that and you are good to go!


  1. Genevieve de la Torre says

    I am not finding where you “apply the code”. I haven’t used these codes before.

  2. Charlene says


    When I got my code the instructions were all listed on the sign up page. Can you check where you signed up? That is the easiest route. Otherwise, go into your amazon account and look for apply a gift card.

  3. T says

    Awesome. Worked exactly as described. one quick answer and a free $5 MP3 Credit. Thanks!!

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