Costco: Organic Ground Beef $4.37/lb


So I happened to stop into Costco yesterday and I happened to be wandering aimlessly looking for the dog food and noticed they have something new.

I am always on the lookout for the little green tags for organic stuff and I spotted this little beauty.

They have Organic Ground Beef patties 12ct for $17.49.  The price works out to $4.37/lb and it is 80% lean.  These are frozen patties.

So I wanted to mention it because I don’t think I have seen organic beef for cheaper anywhere else.

Remember yesterday I mentioned that Whole Foods has grass fed beef for $4.99/lb on Friday.  The Whole Foods beef is 90/10 though and I think it is fresh ground beef and not the frozen patties.

So anyway, you can take your pick of which deal is best for you!

Just note this was a new item at my Costco so some stores might not have this available.

And by the way, you can see the Costco coupon book deals ending 9/9 here.


  1. sharla says

    oh that’s a find! Mine probably won’t have it. I hear all these people talking about the coconut oil at their Costco and mine still doesn’t have it :(

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