Bink’d Gift Pack for Girls $12 Shipped

There is a nice deal today on bink’d temporary earrings for girls. 

My 5 year old has these and they are cute.  You select different styles- lady bugs, glitter flowers, pumpkins etc… (we have unicorns) and in about 2 minutes you can adhere them as a temporary tattoo to the ear.

I would say they last 3-6 days and my little girl loves them.  She has been asking to get her ears pierced and I bought a little time on that topic with these things.

I got our pack at Nordstrom for $6 or $7 but today you can get (4) packages plus a pair of little scissors, a purse and applicator pen for $14.00.  Use coupon code SEPT12 for an extra $2 off.

The shipping is free!

You can pick from (5) different packs and each pack has 4 styles inside. So this is a really good deal.



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