Staples Coupon: 50% off Martha Stewart Products

You can get a Staples coupon for 50% off a Martha Stewart Home Office product right now.

I think these are lovely products- there are labels and file folders and all sorts of desk organizers and accessories.

The to-do list notepads start at $1.99 and they have labels starting at $1.99- so $.99 after coupon.

The best thing is that the coupon doesn’t expire until 12/31 so you have ample time to use it.

One thing I wanted to mention is that my Staples store has the orange file folders on clearance as well as the blue tinted picture holders.

Those of you that use coupon binders might want to be on the lookout because they are a great price if your store has them on clearance too.  My store had (2) sizes marked 50% off.

You can see the Staples deals for next week here.

Click below if you want to hear about my recent meeting with Martha in NYC!

And on another note…. I just have to tell ya’ll about meeting Martha a few weeks ago in NYC.  She was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended and the line was wayyyyyy long to get in to hear her speak so I was a little bummed to miss out.  I happened to be wandering into the expo hall and got in line behind some lady to talk to the people about the office supply products at her booth.  Um… turns out the line was actually to wait to meet Martha and get a book signed!  Yeah!  So about 30 minutes later (and you better bet I sat right on the floor with my laptop out the entire time)- there were about a zillion PR people, 2 beefy security guys and some people from the magazine and here comes Martha!  Let me say she looked really cool- she had high heel tangerine espadrilles on and tangerine capri pants and a cute striped swing jacket.  For a lady in her seventies she looks AMAZING in real life.

So anyhoo, I was #2 in line and terrified.  I mean it is Martha!  And I had gone to bed after 1- back up at 6am- I was not having a good hair day.  New York humidity…  Urg!  What would Martha think?

So anyway she sits down all smiles and the lady in front of me suddenly has 6 people with her and is gushing and Martha was really nice.  Then it was my turn and now Martha turns into boss mode and starts commanding one of the PR girls to end the line.  “End the line.  No end the line.  End the line!”    (PS:  Amazingly she knew all these girls’ names.  I was super impressed with that because there were tons of them.)

Apparently she was supposed to speak and somehow got roped into signing all these books and by then the line was hundreds of people deep… So she was not having it at all and ended the line like 7 people in.

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.  I didn’t find her to be unpleasant or rude or nasty at all.  It was her birthday and she didn’t agree to do this and she simply wasn’t going to sit there and do it.  Sad for all the people that waited in line but I have to say it was really cool to meet Martha and I learned quite a bit in just those few minutes.  I am the worst about agreeing to do things that I really don’t have the time or inclination to do.  Now when I am on the spot to agree to something I don’t want to do, I can just remember back to watching Martha.  If she can say no so can I!



  1. Mary Justice says

    I got excited about a 50% off coupon on Martha Steward office desk item since I found something at Staples that I want. But this coupon expired December 2012. You should have removed it from your website.

  2. Charlene says


    It is impossible to remove things from the internet. I can’t delete every single thing I post day after day, this blog has been around for 4 years! That would be like deleting all your photos because you are now one day older. I would recommend checking dates on things when you surf the internet. This post says very clearly right at the top 8/23/2012 and it also says right in the post the expiration is 12/31.


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