Raleys: Something Extra Loyalty Card

So here is a little preview of a new program starting at Raley’s stores.  This should start in September and I am sure there will be a lot of information once they are ready to roll out the program.  They will have ambassadors set up in store to get you signed up so don’t worry one bit that you might miss out.  Usually with these types of promotions they scream it from the rooftops.

Here is what I know so far:

You can register for a store loyalty card called Something Extra and use your card or your phone number each time you shop. (You can’t register yet but soon enough.)

They keep track of your purchases and you get perks based off what you buy.

You will get special savings sent to you.  They will also keep track of your purchases and assign you points.  Each $1 spent equals 1 point and the great news is that this is based off pre-coupon totals.

They will cash out your points every 3 months and if you hit 500 points in total for the quarter, you will get vouchers for merchandise in store.  They will assign extra points to certain items every week and you can identify those by looking for special shelf tags in store while you shop.

I don’t know exactly what types of vouchers we will see but I have found that Raley’s is extremely generous with coupons so hopefully it is good.

There is also a personalized offers component to the card- so they will send you things they think you will like based off your shopping habits.  This sounds just like Just for U at Safeway and personally I am a big fan of this type of program.  I believe this is also based on the category you choose when you register for an account at Raleys.com (produce, meats, wine/beer. organic and natural foods etc…)

And best of all, it sounds like they will be sending out little surprises here and there:

Ummm.. free Peet’s drinks and ice cream?  Where can I sign up?

So once again this is just a sneaky little peak in advance at what is to come and the program has not launched yet.  We can keep an eye out for it though and see how it unfolds.

Two other little notes:

1. It sounds like they might phase out the e-coupons you can print each week and replace it with this program.  I wouldn’t panic because I am sure there will still be plenty of great offers and I am hopeful this means you don’t have to print the coupons but maybe we will be able to just load them onto our cards.  My understanding is that Sept 5th will be the end of those e-coupons (but that is not set in stone yet.)

2. I believe there will be a text component offered as well for coupons and special offers.  That is great news if you are spacey like I am and never remember to print things before you run out the door.

So let us know if you hear anything else about all this stuff.  I am looking forward to it personally and if you have the Quality of Life card from Raley’s, you should be able to link that up to this guy!

Thanks Chalette!



  1. Julianne says

    Yay! Love Raley’s freebies and great customer service. I hope the program will make coupons and savings paperless.

  2. Margarethe Loughridge says

    Where is the on-line sign-up, still looking, long time customer already. please sent instruction.s

  3. Charlene says


    Please click the link in the post and then click “get started” in the top center.

  4. Teri Stapleton says

    I am having trouble not getting any ads and how do I get my points/coupons

  5. solveig frazier says

    my opinion is this; raleys cant compete with safeway or walmart unless you lower your prices, have more employees on the registers, in the store to help people locate items, offer more rewards or deals other than having to spend 50.00 or more to get a special deal. In my opinion the rewards program that raleys has in place right now,im going to give my business to safeway and to walmart, the only time i would shop at raleys is if i needed a specialty item, which is about the only thing you have thats valuable to me, a paying customer, sorry, but thats my feeling, thankyou

  6. says

    I love this program. I have the app on my phone, and have gotten freebies just for being a member (Free dozen eggs coupon, yes please!). As for competing with the other larger chain stores, they are setting their own standard. I love going to Raley’s because there isn’t a million people, and I don’t have to protect my daughter from being ran over by a shopping cart. They’re prices might not be the lowest, but they offer other products that I can’t even find at some of the cheaper stores. That’s my feeling, Thank You!

  7. Robert Hernandez says

    signed up for card when they had [people in the raleys store on san to sign you up.never rec.my card way to treat a customer who has been with you for thirty years

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