New Pfizer Rebate $10 Back (Advil, Centrum and More…)

There is a new rebate offer that some will get in the 8/26 RedPlum insert.  As of posting I do not see this rebate form available online so you will most likely need to check your paper and see if you get lucky.

The rebate is for $10 back when you buy 3 select items from 8/21-9/14.

You need the UPC off the package, your original register receipt and the form from the newspaper.

The items included are:

  • Any Centrum or Centrum Silver 100ct+
  • Any Centrum Specialist 56ct+
  • Any Centrum Pronutrients
  • Any Caltrate
  • Any Advil 40ct+
  • Any Advil PM 16ct+
  • Any Children’s Advil 4oz+
  • Thermacare 2ct+
  • Robitussin 4oz+ or tablet cough/gel 20ct+
  • Dimetapp 4oz+
  • Advil Congestion Relief
  • Advil Allergy Congestion Relief 10ct+
  • Preparation H (exlcuding 10ct to go wipes)

So there are a lot of great deals to match to this rebate.  The one important note that I want to make is that you really need to be careful with this.

Pfizer offered a similar rebate in January and some people had rebates denied.  I would just double check that you are buying the exact items they specify and the sizes they specify.  This is one time that I would suggest leaving any bonus packs or special packaging offers behind- I do know some people bought bonus packs of the items included last time and got notice the rebate was declined as a result.

Once you do purchase your items, you can track the status of your rebate here.




  1. Diane says

    do you have an extra rebate form for the pfizer deal? I was in San Diego and the paper I bought didn’t have the Red Plum insert.

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