New Doc McStuffins DVD & Amazon Coupon

There is a new Doc McStuffins DVD coming out on August 21st.  

This is the first DVD from this series and if you are not familiar with this cartoon, it is really the most adorable series.

My girls just love Doc McStuffins and I love it too because it is a sweet cartoon with a great message for little ones.  Doc is a little girl who has a real Doctor for a Mom.  She likes to pretend to be a Doctor and treats all her toys for various ailments.    This is a great way to teach kiddos about going to to Doctor, good hygiene and I also like the message that it sends because so many of the cartoons I see for little ones these days are about girls disobeying their parents.  This cartoon is about a little girl that wants to be just like her Mom which I love.   Doc is very sweet and very respectful.

This DVD includes (5) full length episodes and each episode has (2) 11 minute stories.  So this is a great option for those kiddos that don’t have the attention span for an entire movie.  Plus you won’t have to worry about any commercials with this DVD.

The price on Amazon right now is $14.85.  You can get an extra $6 off though when you also buy a second Disney Junior DVD.  This includes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs which are another favorite around here.

The Mickey DVDs start at $9.99 so the deal could look like this:

Buy Doc McStuffins at $14.85
Buy a Mickey DVD at $9.99
Get $6 off at checkout
Final Price: $ 18.84 for both or $9.42 each

I can see one Mickey Movie for Halloween which might be a good one to grab right now.

Head over here to see the Mickey movies included in the offer.  Just click the box to pick the two films you want and then the $6 should come off in the checkout process.

Your shipping is free on a $25 order or with Prime.

PS:  Click above for some free activity sheets to print out.  You might also want to check out the free iPhone app from Disney Junior!  My girls love watching Doc on it and Jake and the Pirates.




  1. sharla says

    My daughter also loves the doc and we just got her a Dr coat and Doc McStuffins medicine bag for her bday. Thanks for the heads up on the dvd!!

  2. Charlene says


    Did you get those from TRU? I keep trying to see the toys there and my store is sold out week after week!

  3. Jessica says

    Yay! Thanks for this post. Both my girls love Doc McStuffins. I called 7 stores before I was able to find a Lambie plush doll! I finally found one 35-40 minutes away and like a crazy Mom, I went and got it. I think I paid more in gas and toll than the doll, but DD loves her Lambie and takes it everywhere. :)

  4. Rachelle R says

    I’ve been looking for the toys at TRU and I can’t find them anywhere either!

  5. Charlene says


    I was reading those lambies stop talking after like 4 days. That was a really common complaint. Did you find that to be the case?

  6. Jessica says

    Yeah, I read the reviews on the talking one and they were bad, so I got the non-talking one. I’m not into talking dolls anyway, so it worked out. Rachelle, are you in the Bay Area? If so, I found them at the TRU in Redwood City, but they only had 2 left after I bought 2. After calling that many stores, they were the only ones with multiples. Everyone was wiped out. Good luck!

  7. lisa says

    i have also had horrible luck with tru and doc mcstuffins toys…but at a random visit to my target this week i found the talking doc toy (with a little lambie included) as well as little doc figurine sets for $10! i was very excited!

  8. Dallas says

    Best cartoon Disney has put out in a long time! My daughter loves this show as well!

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