Gelato Coupons (Talenti, Ciao Bella and More)

There are some great coupons available for gelato right now:

$1 off any one Pint of Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto
 $1 off one Ciao Bella Product
 $1 off one 30 oz Archer Farms Italian gelato Target coupon
 $1 off one G. S. Gelato and Sorbet

These are actually pretty high in value so nice ones to grab.

The Talenti Gelato is my favorite thing ever and it is usually on sale for $3.00 or so.  That is a good deal with the coupon because it is so rich and creamy you really don’t need to eat as much as you would a regular ice cream.

These coupons are from Rachael Ray and they print out as a pdf.  So the whole thing is a bit of a pain because you need to register and then skip through all the spammy emails they want you to sign up for and then finally click download and you can get the coupons.

Not all stores will accept pdf coupons.

Thanks Chia!



  1. momto3 says

    How funny because I just had a spoonful of the Talenti tonight! Had to back the kids off me! The Vanilla Tahitian–yummy! Will def use this coupon, thanks!!

  2. Endcapps says

    Ciao Bella $1.99 at Raleys this week
    E-coupon for Ciao Bella $2.99 – $1 Manu = 1.99
    limit 4 w/ E-coupon
    I’ve never tried gelato. What’s a good price?

  3. Tiffany T says

    Perfect since it’s only seventy million degrees outside right now!

  4. Charlene says

    Well I pay $3.50 for a teeny tiny cup at Whole Foods occasionally :). So $2.00 I think is a really good price.

  5. franki says

    thanks so much!
    I love Ciao Bella sorbet, currently 3.50 @ Safeway
    and I needed something just over $3 to finish a frozen food scenario

    factoring in the $5 off $15, as 1/3 off:
    3.50 (.667) = 2.33 – $1Q= 1.33/pt or 3 pk bars

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