1. says

    Interesting that they will only take two internet printed coupons per transaction. I have never seen those limited.

  2. kari says

    This is great news! They have the Mio liquid water enhancers in peach tea. There is a $1 coupon out for those right now. That would make them free! :)

  3. Karen says

    wow…i was looking at various Dollar Tree matchups at different sites across the web. we must have a crappy Dollar Tree here. I dont think I have seen most of those brands at our store. and after coupon Sunday i except the shelves will be even more sparse. we definately dont have any frozen items here. still excited to see what i can find though. :-)

  4. Charlene says


    They have a weekly ad. My Dollar tree has a frozen foods section. I usually don’t buy the kinds of items they carry but I know I have seen frozen burritos, pizzas, ice cream…

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