Disney Songs and Story $4.52


I wanted to mention these song and story MP3s since they are a great deal right now.

You can pick from tons of Disney characters like Cars, Brave, Tangled, Ariel and more…  These are full MP3s with the songs from the various movies plus an abbreviated version of the story.

I have three of these on my phone and they are wonderful.  I use them all the time when the girls are fussy or fighting- something about these albums gets them to settle down and concentrate on what they hear.

My 5 year old listens to these sometimes too when she is having quiet time- coloring or whatever.

Typically the story runs about 15 minutes or so and then you also get a handful of songs from that movie so I think $4.52 per MP3 is not a bad deal at all.

You can see all the options here.

You can also buy these as CDs- the price is pretty close about $4-5 per CD.

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