Williams-Sonoma: Free Cooking Classes

I post so many free activities for children and here is one just for the adults.

Williams-Sonoma offers several free classes throughout the month.

You can register for free cooking demonstrations that are free and do not require an RSVP.  The calendar for the free cooking demonstrations for July is available here.  It looks like most of them begin at 11am.

They also offer technique classes each month that are free and last one hour.  The classes include a sample of what is prepared and a 10% off coupon for your shopping.

You can see theschedule of classes here– looks like they have one this weekend for summer fruits.  August will bring classes on summer veggies, grains, canning and learning quick recipes for the busy back to school season.

Finally, you can register for an actual cooking class. These classes are not free and they last 90min- 2 hours. Reservations are required and the fee will vary by store.  You also get a 10% off coupon if you attend the class.

To find the classes at your store, just type your zip code here and you have to get in touch with the store to find the schedule.

So lots of opportunities for things to do at Williams-Sonoma!  Just be sure you don’t get confused- the technique classes are the ones that are free and the cooking classes are not free.

PS:  You can also check the Williams Sonoma blog for recipes.  I spotted this recipe for homemade granola that looks delicious!



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