Toys R Us: Leapster Games $5.00

I got an extra Toys R Us ad last night and when I saw this Leapster deal, I was thinking that can’t be right.

It seems like a heck of a deal to me.  If you have a Leapster you can head into Toys R Us and get the games for $5 each.

You need to buy 2 games to get the sale price and this runs Friday and Saturday only.

It looks like you can order these online and pick up in store for free as well.  You can start shopping with Ebates and get 1% back on your order.

The Leapster is currently on sale from Amazon for $35.



  1. Sherry Johnson says

    Thanks for posting this – wow, what a deal! I tried to order on-line for in-store pick-up, but it said both of my local stores were out of stock. So I went into the store to check and they actually had the games!

  2. Janel says

    they also have a coupon running through 7/22 for 10% off any purchase up to $49.99- it doesn’t exclude sales so you could stack it with this already amazing deal.

  3. Brandi says

    Thank you SO much for posting!! What a great deal!! Got 2 for my son!! I paid the shipping, because by the time I drive 1.5 hours to get there & back, I will have spent that in gas, plus no dragging my 3 kids through Toys R Us.

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