Target Clearance Schedule {When Do Things Go On Sale at Target?}

Target Clearance Schedule- a must read for any Target shopper.  When do things go on sale- by department.

Don’t you just love clearance sales at Target?  Nothing makes me happier then seeing those lovely little red stickers!

I have posted the Target Clearance schedule a few times over the past few years at My Frugal Adventures and thought I would remind you of this one more time!

This is a general guideline for how the stores do markdowns, it may vary in your store. The best way to see if your store is on this schedule is to:

1. Pay attention while you are shopping and see which departments are getting marked down
2. Ask an employee. I find the employees actually marking down items are more helpful than the cashiers.

  • MONDAY: Kids Clothing, Stationary Items, Electronics, Baby
  • TUESDAY: Domestics, Food, Women’s Clothing, Pets
  • WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn and Garden
  • THURSDAY: Housewares, Shoes, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Music, Movies, Books, Decor, Luggage
  • FRIDAY: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, Jewelry

So what that means is that if you are looking for specific items- say men’s clothing- you will want to hit your store on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning to get all the latest markdowns. Target typically starts at 15%, then goes to 30%, then 50% , then 70 or 75% and sometimes 90%. For the most part 70 or 75% off is pretty much the best deal you will find. Again, you just need to learn your specific store. In my area I have been to the store mid morning on Monday and already the clearance baby items have been snatched up.

If the store is busy they may not be able to get to the mark downs until late in the day.

You can call and ask to speak to someone in the department you are interested in.  Ask them if they are doing markdowns.  I usually do this during the post-holiday toy sales just so I don’t waste a trip.

Baby Clearance: January and July typically offer massive clearance throughout the baby department. In my experience, July is amazing as there seems to be fewer shoppers. We got our Fisher Price Rainforest highchair 50% off last year and a Graco Triumph car seat 50% off.  You can try to hold out for 75% off but in my area the sales usually don’t last that long.  (And don’t forget to create a baby registry and you can get an extra 10% off of purchases when you complete your registry!)

Toy Clearance: July and October are the clearance events at Target andWalmart for toys- and of course we have already seen post- Christmas clearance. Fewer people are thinking Christmas in July than in October so you have a better shot at the best deals.

If any of you love Target as much as I do feel free to add any of your tips to the comments!

*And check out my article on How to Save Big at Target with all sorts of tips on how you can save on the items you need.


  1. Kylene says

    Target doesn’t do 75% off anymore. 70% is the biggest price reduction that they currently do. 90% doesn’t happen either. They have been pulling the merchandise they past few holidays after 70%.

  2. Charlene says


    I believe you are right and they recently made that change from 75 to 70. I happen to have just purchased something at 75% off recently which is why I left it. I have purchased items at 90% myself. It is VERY, VERY rare but I have personally done it so again I left that on. I think I made pretty clear though that I would consider 70 or 75% off pretty much as low as it gets in the post :). I almost never see 90% off.

  3. Sophie says

    In my store, 90% happens after holidays, this year I picked up easter stuff for 90% off, it goes quick but if you are there at the right time you can get great deals. Also at my store any online only item that gets returned goes straight to 70-75% off. My favorite day to shop at my Target is on Thursdays, early afternoon, I always seem to find alot of clearance stuff and most of it at 70% off!

  4. Jennifer K says

    Thanks for posting the departments for markdown cadence for during the week. I am trying to support some dog rescues through supplies so knowing that pets are on Tuesday really helps.

  5. Jennifer says

    Just went to Target today and everything in the dollar spot was 50% off, so 50 cents an item!

  6. NIKKI says


  7. Jen says

    The major markdown in toys happens in January and July. The largest amount of clearance happens in January when they clear out a good portion of the toys they brought in for Christmas.

  8. Charlene says


    Yes as I mentioned in the post there is of course the after Christmas sales to watch for. Lots of toys and other things after Christmas!

  9. Barbie says

    When do the school supplies usually get marked down.Our Target had them marked down 30% today.I asked the cashier and she acted dumbfounded as to when the 50 and 70% markdowns may be.

  10. Charlene says


    It really depends on each store. They might do a second markdown later this week- like Thursday. The best bet is to just call Wed or Thurs. I usually ask for someone in that department rather then talking to the operator.

  11. kiki says

    it varies by location and time of year hear (northern cali) but one thing I found out is. They rather sale the items to the thrift store in palates (non profits) and what they don’t make off of it they can’t write it off as a loss donation to them. I only found this out and figured that is what they do. Because I noticed they have brand new items from Target all the time. I thought maybe someone purchased and just donated it because they didn’t use it. But since I’m a regular at my local thrift center the sales clerk who sees me all the time told me.

  12. Joe says

    I have been looking at the Intex pools that are on clearance.
    I am wondering if anyone has an idea if those will get marked down further or simply pulled away? I am hoping for one more markdown before buying it. But that depends on two things. The damn things stay in stock, and that the stores don’t decide to pull them away completely.

  13. Charlene says


    My Target has them on clearance for only 30% off I think. Just check the price tags- when they end in a “4” that is when you know it won’t go down any further in price (as in $19.94 vs. $19.99 or $19.98).

  14. andy says

    I have recently noticed that my Target has items for 65% off. Does anyone know if that is going to be the new low clearance price for Target??? Sadness :(

  15. Charlene says


    I saw that too!! Just this week. I dunno. They sort of sprung that 70% on us so I hope it isn’t a new low either.

  16. casey's mom says

    woo hoo.. picked up all our school supplies on 70% off and more. Paper from 15-50 cents. construction paper and drawing paper 35 cents. Garden seems to be stuck at 30% oh well. Sometimes its just a great *room refrig for $49.. every kid needs one for their play room right? Thank goodness for Target my kid is spoiled!!

  17. Charlene says

    Casey, the prior owners of our home left one of those out by the pool. We use it a lot :). I keep all the water bottles out there because it is sooo hot here in Sacramento I like to have cold water on hand all the time. It comes in handy.

  18. Allison says

    What does a price ending in zero mean? Personally, dont think I have ever seen that until this week on folding “beach” type lawn chairs. Regular price $29.99 now $11.00. Trying to decide if I should go snatch them up or wait..

  19. Charlene says

    Not sure on that Allison. That is just shy of 65% off. Some stores have started going 65% off instead of 75% off. My store, the lowest I see is 70% these days. So I guess I would say go get the chair :).

  20. Allison says

    Thanks Charlene,
    I think I will! Thought it was odd with the zeros on the end

  21. Joe says

    It all varies by district if I remember right but most District Managers do not go 90% unless they have to. Halloween candy usually does but most things they would rather send to NPO’s. Some of it the manufactures will take back and Target will get their money back but usually that’s due to MIR’s.

  22. Charlene says


    I think you are right that the vast majority of the time things won’t go 90% off. I have found some seasonal things do. I am certain Easter items did, Halloween items last year and this year I actually got some of the summer seasonal things at 90% off.

  23. komal says

    I am following this site and checking online clearance for last one month. But whenever i see something very reasonable price the item is no longer available online. And still they keep on showing that item online. If they don’t have that item then why they are not removing from the list ? And is my timing wrong so that i don’t get those online clearance deals ? can anyone tell me about when to check the site ?

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Julie says

    The only items that go 90% off are Holiday items. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, possibly Valentines. Very few items are left when it goes 90% off. But I do believe that one day they will do away with that as well. Other clearance never goes 90% off and we are lucky to hit it at 70% off. I love it!

  25. Melissa says

    Forget what number the prices end in, Look at the tiny number in the top, right hand corner of the orange clearance tag, it will either say a 15, 30, 50, or 70. Only holiday clearance goes to 90, if it’s there that long; it will only be signed not individually stickered.
    Clearance gets marked daily by it’s own team, the cashiers know nothing about this, unless your particular cashier happens to be a floor team member helping the front end at that time. So no, the cashiers don’t really know what’s going on in the rest of the store. I work on the Planogram/Price Change Team at Target, in Marshfield, WI.
    This schedule is mostly correct; With that said just because something goes 15% today, does not mean that the same day next week those items will hit 30%. They might. Or they may wait another week or two. This is all dependent on the contracts that corporate holds with the items’ makers. This is not chosen by anyone in the store, or in the district, it is dependent on corporate only, the same as sales. We don’t get to know what is going on sale until you do. when that ad comes out–we see it for the first time too, so don’t try to sneak hints out of us.
    Also, BIG this year, is Cartwheel; its an App for your smartphone, tablet, etc. This app holds special coupons throughout the store, anywhere from 5% to 50%. It can be combined with sales, clearance, price cuts and anything in the ad that matches up. Each coupon lasts for a certain amount of time, from one day to several weeks. There is a barcode that is scanned LAST at checkout. There is unlimited uses with Cartwheel coupons.
    There are also mobile coupons text OFFERS to 827438. Sign up and start receiving coupons. These coupons also have a barcode to scan at checkout, and can only be used once. Periodically extra sales will be offered BUT they will be on the sale signs under certain items in the store. There will be a word to text to the number I gave above, and you will be immediately sent a coupon for that item OR anything in that department. Take advantage of the $10 off $50 household items purchases or deals of the like. Cartwheel also often partners with it too. (Recently there was $20 off $50 Up and Up household items purchase, I bought laundry detergent, sandwich bags, paper plates, facial wipes, bandages, antibacterial wipes, dryer sheets, stain remover, napkins, aluminum foil, plastic wrap) All but the laundry detergent were on cartwheel for 5 or 10% off also–So originally I was around the $50 mark, got my $20 off; Then the cartwheel discounts, plus I used my redcard for purchase–another 5% off(no tax!) –I also get an extra 10% employee discount–most of you won’t have that but it’s a bonus for me! Needless to say I took advantage of every deal possible that trip and saved a ton! Target will honor manufacturer coupons with Cartwheel and other sales as well! Happy Shpping!

  26. Lissa says

    The mark downs are great! I also use Cartwheel on my phone for additional savings! I downloaded to my phone and found that there are also mobile coupons! You can combined the Cartwheel % off with the mobile coupons in addition to the store coupons they hand out or you get at the check out and/or manufacturer coupons you may find. The do take the Cartwheel % off after all of the coupons. Then I pay for my order with my Target debit card which links directly to my checking account and it takes 5% off of my total order. No extra charge for that. It just takes about 2 days to come out of your account. You can also get the Target Red Card (credit card) and get an extra 5% off of your total purchase. The card works in the cafe or Starbucks that is located in the Target! Cartwheel also has discounts for the cafe. My families favorite place to shop is Target! Hope this helps you all save a bunch!

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