Staples: Teacher Appreciation Day 2012

Staples Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up soon. Typically they have one day in July or August for each store.  Teachers get to go in and get a thank you gift bag and coupons. The bag is limited to the first 100 teachers.

I checked and the date in my area is 8/11 so you might want to mark it on the calendar. You can check and see what the date is for the Teacher Appreciation Day in your area here.



  1. Annie says

    This would be wonderful way to thank your child’s teacher. I am a teacher and usually spend my own money to get some supplies, which is sad considering how much I make. Please share with the teachers, and don’t just take them for your own personal use :)

  2. Charlene says


    I believe you have to be a teacher and show id to participate in this event :). You are right though… it is nice to grab some extra supplies to pass along to teachers especially considering how inexpensive things are right now :).

  3. Debbie says

    Also, you need to check your area. My teacher appreciation day is Aug. 4(My birthday! LOL).

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