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So I just went to a seminar with the folks at Safeway and got a whole bunch of information on Just for U.  Now Just for U was launched in my area over a year ago.

They have done a lot of tweaking to the program and developed a free iPhone and Android app and are relaunching this program nationwide.

You should be able to register for this program at any store across the country now or you can also register online. (Note: Texas is the last market to launch and ya’ll can sign up starting next week.)

Here is a very quick overview of what this program is and then I have a lot more details for you listed below.


  • Just for U is a program developed to offer customized deals to each and every shopper.  Safeway tracks your purchases (via your club card) and they are using that information to provide coupons and deals targeted specifically to you.
  • You can save coupons to your club card and you can save personal prices to your club card and when you are ready to checkout, just present your phone number or club card at checkout and it all comes off automatically!
  • You can log into your personal account online at Safeway.com or get most of the information via the free app.
  • The offers change weekly and should be based (somewhat) closely to items you have purchased within the past 6 months.
  • When you register for the first time, you will receive an offer for a free dozen eggs.  You should also see fairly regular free offers in your account from that point forward.  The offers will vary based on your purchase habits.  Currently my free offer is for a gourmet juice drink.  The offer prior to that was for a free coconut milk.  Another reader recently got a free offer for a 2L of Pepsi.
  • The most important thing to note is that you must actually ADD the coupons or deals you want to your card.  Just because they are listed in your account, does not mean they have been loaded on your card.

Once you are registered, here are the three main components to the program:


These are all digital coupons.  You simply save them to your card and they will come off at checkout when you scan your club card.

The coupon center has both manufacturer coupons AND Safeway store coupons.  You should be able to see the in ad coupons they offer so there is no need to clip those from the weekly ad.

You can save as many coupons as you like to your card.*

Here is how to understand the coupons- note these are just sample coupons for the purpose of this post and you may not have the exact same offers in your account.

This is what a Safeway coupon looks like.  These are store coupons so they can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  If I wanted the Lipton tea, I could also print or clip a coupon from home to stack with this OR if I happen to have a coupon available in my Just for U account, I can save that to my card and it will also work.

I know this is a Safeway store coupon because at the top of the coupon there is a price listed ($3.99.)  The only coupons that are Safeway store coupons are the ones that list a price specifically.  

The other important note is at the bottom.  The coupon shows when it expires and also reads “one time.”  One time means one transaction it does not mean a limit of 1.    I can see directly above that what the limit is- in this case it is 4.

So that means I can buy up to (4) of these items in the same transaction and get each one for $3.99.  If I did (4) transactions of one package each, I would get the first one at $3.99 and that is it.  The other ones I bought after that trip would all be at the regular price.

If no limit is listed, you can buy as many as you want providing it is in the same transaction.

This is what a manufacturer coupon looks like.

I know this is a manufacturer coupon because it is a cents off coupon.  (So it says $1.00 off).  It does not list a specific price for the Gevalia coffee, instead it tells me how much I can save off one bag.

I can not stack this coupon with another manufacturer coupon.  If there happened to be an offer in my account to get Gevalia coffee for a specific price, I could stack this with that offer.  If I have a coupon I cut out of the newspaper for another $1 off Gevalia, I could not use that in conjunction with this coupon to save $2.00.

You might also note it says “one time” at the bottom.  That means one time for one bag.  If you happened to buy 3 bags of this product, you would be able to save a total of $1.00 unless you find (2) other coupons from another source.

*If you are using the Safeway.com Just for U center, all the coupons you save will show up on the shopping list you create.  You can delete the items you do not want but just note if you are saving every single coupon available to you, your shopping list will be massive.  If you are using the app instead you can save all the coupons you want and only the ones you specifically select to be on your list will show up.   


The personalized deals is another fantastic perk to this program.

These are literally personal deals.  Again these tie back to what you have purchased for the last 6 months.  Your personal deals will not be the same as my personal deals simply because no two people will buy exactly the same items.

A personal deal is usually going to be a great price on a specific item just for you.  You need to save the personal deal to your account because these are not automatically added to your club card.

Here are two examples of personal deals- again these may or may not be available to you.

The first is a free energy shot.  I can click that red add button and go ahead into the store and get one of those items for free.  Usually the free offers are going to be a limit of one.

The second type of personal deal is unlimited in the case of the bananas.

I can buy as many pounds of bananas for $.45/lb as I want until the expiration of 8/14.  I must push the add button to get that price and if the price in store is higher then $.45/lb, my personal price will be adjusted right at checkout when I scan my Safeway card.

If the price happens to be lower then $.45/lb, the best possible deal is the one that I will be charged.

Now since the bananas are a specific price, they are Safeway deals and I can stack them with another coupon.  

There are not many banana coupons out there but maybe I have a free box of Kellogg’s coupon when you buy 2 lbs of bananas. I could save that personal price to my card at $.45, buy 2 lbs of bananas and still get the cereal for free.

Another situation is the one below:

I also have a $3 off a $10 purchase produce coupon. So I could get a few lbs of bananas and whatever other produce I want valued at $10.00 altogether and I would not only get the $.45/lb price but I get $3 off $10. 

Your personal deals are only available in your home region.  You can see your home region by clicking the “see details” listed right on the personal deals (it is in the image above to the left of the Add button. )

If I live in Sacramento, my personal deals should be available basically in Northern California.  Should I decide to travel to Seattle or Chicago or Tampa, most likely those personal deals will not be available.

If you have a personal deal on a specific item and it is not available or out of stock at your store, it is up to the store manager if they want to give you a raincheck or substitute a different product.  You just need to ask and see what they say.


The last feature is currently only available from Safeway.com and not on the mobile app. It is Your Club Specials.  Essentially these are unadvertised deals that are also available in your area.

Safeway can’t possibly put every single item on sale in the weekly ad, so this is a TON of pages of extra stuff on sale.  These deals are available in your region and are not necessarily nationwide.

These are currently not syncing up from the Safeway.com site to the mobile app.  This should be corrected sometime in August and anything you save from home will also show up on the app.

That’s It!

A few other notes on this program:

  • It should take approximately 5 minutes for an offer to save. So if I am in the car and save 5 coupons and personal deals to my account on the mobile app, I can pop into Safeway and within about 5 minutes the offers will be available and working fine.
  • What happens if I save a digital coupon to my card (i.e. $1.00 off Starbucks coffee) and I have a paper coupon for $2.00 off Starbucks coffee? Since those are both manufacturer coupons you can only use one or the other. If the digital coupon happens to be higher in value, when you hand over your paper coupon, it will beep and the cashier will give it back to you. The digital coupon will be the one that is applied to your coffee. If the paper coupon you have is higher in value, the paper coupon should scan and be applied to the purchase. That digital coupon you saved will just stay on your account for next time. So if you have two coupons, the register should recognize the better of the two in value and give you that deal.
  • You can create a shopping list in Just for U with the items you select (coupons and personal deals and club specials), and you can also add other items you might want manually.
  • If you have multiple people in your home, they can all access the shopping list as long as everyone uses the same log in.  (So you can type a list out as your husband is driving to the store and you can even be adding items into the list as he is shopping.)
  • You can also email your list once you are done.


So all in all this is significantly better then when the program rolled out the first time.  There are a bunch more really cool features they are working on and I will do my best to keep you posted.

PS:  I nearly forgot!  The store that I was in had these swanky new tags that I LOVE.

It looks like these will just be for the Safeway store coupons.  How nice for the store to remind you to grab the Just for U coupon right on the price tag!


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