Quilted Northern TP- 36 Rolls for $18 Shipped

There is a nice deal on TP right now and you can have it shipped right to your door.

I absolutely hate buying toilet paper.  I have found that it is always on the days when I am buying a huge pack of TP that I find myself in line in front of an ex-boyfriend or a Matt Bomer look alike.

So if you hate it too, you might consider this deal from Amazon.

You can get 36 double rolls of Quilted Northern TP for $17.99.  The shipping is free when you click subscribe and save on the right side.

Once your order arrives, just go into your account and click cancel subscribe and save.  They will send you an email reminder if you forget.  You can also do nothing and keep regular shipments if you prefer.

I would hurry on this because TP deals never last very long.



  1. lyra says

    looks like it is already gone. :( Charlene, how do you figure out a good price for TP? Do you have a formula that use? I never know how to do it.

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