Purex $1 off Coupon ($.97 at CVS)

Here is a Purex coupon that should go along with the great deal at CVS this week.

The coupon is a little tricky to get:

  • Head over here and start the process of requesting the sample.
  • After you fill in your information you want to be sure to select get the coupon instead of the sample.  You can only get one or the other not both.
  • I selected liquid at the start of the process and my coupon was for liquid so make sure you select the item you want- packs or liquid.

The coupon I printed specifies Triple Action- it looks like the power packs pictured in the ad do say Triple Action on the front.

This sample/coupon has been available for awhile now so some of you may have already requested it.  I did this on Saturday and my coupon printed just fine- it just takes a few steps to get it.

You can see the CVS deals for 7/8 here.

Thanks Pam, Shellie and Encapps!



  1. Charlene says


    It was listed there on the second confirmation page I think. After the address part.

  2. Charlene says

    Ok just tried again and I filled in my addy and at the bottom selected liquid or packs. Then next page right after you select liquid or packs says I can click a blue box to get the sample sent or I can get a $1 coupon instead.

    So maybe you didn’t go far enough?

  3. Jennifer says

    I clicked to get the sample and when the sample arrived in the mail there was also a coupon for $1.00 off one. Yahoo!

  4. Charlene says


    You might want to check the date. This was posted at the start of July so it has now expired. 😉

  5. Bella says

    This coupon still works and Walgreen’s has Purex at $1.99 this week – Thanks so much!

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