Lowe’s: Valspar Paint Rebate

If you need to get any painting done, you might check out Lowe’s.  Through 7/8, they are offering a $5 rebate on gallon size paint or $20 back on 5 gallon.

This is for the Valspar Signature, Duramax, Ultra Premium, Olympic One, and Olympic Maximum.

You should find rebate forms in the store and then usually you can submit them right online.



  1. Lulu says

    Hi, I had to buy some paint this weekend and managed to get the rebate form because it prints out on your receipt. However you need to get it in fast, I believe the cut off date is August 8th, 2012.

  2. Bennie Vaughn says

    Today July 9 we bought 5 gal of Valspar Signature Paint and 5 gal of Valspar Primer. I see that the $20 off of each was ended of 7/8 but you still have this web showing the rebates. Can I still get the rebates.

    Bennie Vaughn

  3. Charlene says


    You have come to a private blog not affiliated with Lowe’s. My post does state the rebate is valid through 7/8 right in the second sentence:

    “Through 7/8, they are offering a $5 rebate on gallon size paint or $20 back on 5 gallon.”

    You might get in touch with Lowe’s directly and see if they can help you:


  4. Denise Floyd says

    We purchased a Gallon of Paint on 7/7, we are trying to get the Dept number to get our rebate but Of No one at our local Lowes knows.

  5. Janelle says

    If it is Valspar paint, the dept number is 86251. I just spoke to customer service and also realized that the number was on the rebate form. Hope that this helps!

  6. richard miller says

    I sent you everything like i did the first time, no problems then. WHY now.I don’t have a barcode,. Just the slip from payment which I sent before. This is all you required the first time. Richard Miller

  7. Jerry B says

    Bought 1 5 gal and 2 1 gal cans of valspar
    How do you get the rebate of $20.00 for the five
    and $5.00 for the 1gal cans
    Total $30.00
    I want to do on line.

  8. marie anderson says

    I purchased 2 gals of valspar ,sent in the form and cash register receipt and got back a note saying that I needed to send in the UPC barcode. That was never stated on the rebate form. I was really ticked off and I’ll never buy this paint again if this is the way they treat customers. Whata con!!!

  9. Becky says

    The code for the paint is 87579. The code in the previous post would not work for me. This code was on their mail in submission form. Use this code on line and it works for the rebate.

  10. Mike says

    You’ll have to contact Lowes corporate at 1-800-445-6937 for correct department ID. The store is suppose to write it on your receipt.

    Marie Anderson
    On the site go the footer of the page (bottom) under Customer Care click on Rebate Center.

  11. Sam says

    Called Lowes corporate at 1-800-445-6937 for correct department ID for Valspar paints. As of 9/4/13 it is 91590.

  12. Melissa Selden says

    I am trying to get the department # for the rebate cause it rubbed off the receipt and I can’t find the info anywhere :-(
    I am in Glen Burnie, MD

  13. Claudia Diaz says

    The same thing happened to me, if you find something, could you please let me know?
    I am Claudia Diaz, CA.

  14. Adam says

    As of 09/04/2014…..Latest dept # for the Valspar paint labor day sale 2014 promotion is 96396 . Hope this helps out a few.

  15. Julia says

    There is another $5 Rebate that started October 8th and lasts thru October 20th. To get the department # for the online submission, click on the link to print the rebate, the number is on the right in the address. The number for this rebate is 97157.

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