July Fresh Produce and Grocery Sales Guide

Here is the free printable grocery sales guide for July as well as a little list of seasonal produce.

July is a little sluggish as far as sales go but there are often a lot of great deals if you do some digging.

The first week of July is when a lot of retailers will start bring out the fall items (clothing, home goods etc..) so you can often find great sales on summer things.

This is also the start of school supply and Back to School sales. I will be talking about these a lot but in my opinion the best time to shop is early on and at the very end of the season.

The nice thing about shopping early is that you get the pick of what is available. The bad thing about shopping early is that it can be really hard to predict what coupons and sales will come around.

Another issue is that school supply lists usually aren’t available for several more weeks so you may not know exactly what your child will need.

We will see a lot more sales on grilling items, BBQ foods and outdoor entertaining products. It is also National Ice Cream Month so there should be some good coupons and deals.

Target will typically run baby clearance sales. Keep checking the baby aisles when you shop for great clearance deals on bigger ticket items like car seats.

Target will also have a pre-Black Friday sale on July 20-21. Last year they offered this as well and it was just online on a whole ton of items. I will post as they release more info on the sale.

Corn is still super cheap in a lot of stores, so you might check out this really yummy Grilled Mexican Corn recipe!


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