Free Subscription Martha Stewart Living Magazine

You can get a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine if you hurry.

This one is offered by Rewards Gold and in order to get it, you need to fill in your mailing info and fill out a short survey.  You also need to refer a friend (I always refer my husband… poor guy.)

These subscriptions really do come and there are no bills or anything sneaky.  I have done numerous ones over the years.

These usually don’t last long so you do want to hurry.

(Thanks Saving with Shellie)


  1. Charlene says


    No you do not :). They will send you reminder renewal notices but you’d get the same thing if you paid for the subscription.

  2. K says

    Thanks!!! I love her recipes but could not afford a subscription. It really worked and took about 5 mins :)

  3. Corinne says

    Thanks for this tip! I LOVE this magazine and I have been getting it for free for the last 2 years thanks to you!

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