Free Couch2 5K Running Program


I mentioned the Couch 2 5K running program a very long time ago.  I am actually not a runner.  In fact I loathe running.  But I also like being able to button my jeans… and I like cookies… so that means I drag my fanny to workout about 5 times a week.

Zumba is usually my first choice but lately I have started back up on the C25K program because I walk the dog every night for about 30 minutes and I figured I might as well make the most of that time.

So long story longer, if you are looking for an easy and guided and very frugal way to get yourself into shape you might check this out.

The C25K program takes you in intervals for 30 minutes per day and slowly builds up your endurance so at the end of 8 weeks you can actually run a 5k.

Now I had a C25K running group when we lived in Seattle after my first baby and it really did work.  We started slow and built our endurance and the runs got easier and easier to do.

So anyhoo, if you want to check this program out it is completely free and you can get the entire 8 weeks of training all figured out for you.

You can download the C25k program in a spreadsheet form here.

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can get the app for free. I love this app because you literally push start and it will tell you when to walk, when to run… you don’t need a watch to keep track.

It keeps track of your runs so you stay right on track with the 8 week program.  You can even pause the workout if you need a little break.

If you like music, you can listen to your own playlists while you run.  You can also post your status on Twitter or Facebook after your run for a little motivation to keep on track.

I actually have to be distracted or I start to internally whine and find excuses to quit.  I find audiobooks work perfectly for me to stay interested and to make the time go by faster.  I can listen to these with the app on so it really is a great freebie.

And you might come follow me on my Pinterest Fitness board.  I am working on more motivational things for this board injected with some humor.



  1. Elizabeth says

    Thanks, I was just telling my brother I needed to start running again so perfect timing!

  2. Thabal says

    Thanks for the info. As the other reader mentioned, I was talking with my hubby about this C25K program last week. He is a very good runner and I’m not. Will start with this together :)

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