DIY Pebble Boot Tray

Here is yet another wildly random thing I wanted to mention.

I had this nasty old cookie sheet I was thinking about trashing.  Really it was in such bad shape I was embarrassed to even donate it (seriously who is in charge around here?)

So anyhoo.  I was thinking of spray painting it for the kids to use as a lap tray and decided to have a little talk with Martha and see if she had any ideas for what to do with my tray.

She did of course.

So Martha had this idea to take a simple tray and fill it with little rocks to create a boot tray.  The rocks will allow moisture to drain through the rocks and help your boots dry.  Nifty!

We keep the children’s rain boots outside so they can yank them on quickly and kick around the backyard so this actually works perfectly.  For those of you in warm climates, you might use this for your gardening shoes or for flip flops that get all sandy in the summer.  I am probably going to use this a lot once the girls start playing soccer to keep their dirty cleats off the floor.

I just took my nasty cookie tray and purchased (6) bags of rocks from the Dollar Store.  And for $6.00 total I have something functional and upcycled an item I would have otherwise tossed.

If you run a tighter ship then we do and don’t have any baking sheets to part ways with, any old tray you find would work just fine.  I actually put saran wrap on the bottom of the cookie sheet between the rocks so cleaning it should be really simple.

Here is how Martha did her tray:

Martha Stewart Living

And here is a variation on the idea from Better Homes and Gardens:

My Dollar Store had these glass pebbles in a few colors so you can match your laundry room or mudroom or just brighten up a closet to keep the floor clean.

Right now I like the dark color of the baking sheet so I kept it au naturale but if I do another one for the laundry room, I might spray paint the sheet green or something to make it a little jazzier.

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