Custom Placemat $3.99 (and DIY Monogram Tray Idea)


The custom placemat is available again for $3.99.  The placemat is actually free and then you pay shipping of $3.99.

I think these are really cute.  I ordered one with a monogram on it about a week ago and it just arrived. It fits perfectly on one of my serving trays and I think it looks really cute as a monogrammed tray.

There is just a little extra room around the sides so I used glue dots to keep it in place.  I have seen other ideas for DIY monogram trays but honestly most crafty things I try tend to cost a fortune and they tend to look like a craft.  (Mostly I just wind up telling people my children made it for me.)

So anyway, I thought this was a cute idea for parties or as a display piece and best of all it requires almost no effort.

There are tons of designs and you could also do one for children.  That would be adorable for little tea parties, birthday parties or to use to contain little projects.

The tray above was $12.99 at Target + $3.99 for the placemat- so a total of $17.  Yeah!

You can get a little placemat for $3.99 right now from Ink Garden. 

They have tons of designs available or you can upload your own art.  I was thinking a black and white photo of the kiddos would be a great gift for the Grandparents.




  1. Carrie says

    Did you have to use a new email address each time you ordered? I did it and it said can only be used once per customer. I ordered them before back in March or April.

  2. Charlene says


    I just did the one placemat but I did test it again and got the same message. Maybe you can do another with your spouse’s info? I don’t know if it is one per person or one per household.

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