Children’s Craft Ideas: Patriotic Handprint


If you want one more craft idea for the kiddos, we did these little patriotic hand prints this morning.

I actually wanted more Fourth of July decorations and I thought these hand prints would be really cute to have on display.

I used red, silver and blue glitter paint and simply painted it right onto their hands.  Then we stamped the hand down on plain white construction paper.

I intended to buy super cheap wood frames and just spray paint them cherry red.  But this week Hobby Lobby has all frames 50% off- so the ones above were $8.00 each.

We did this right after breakfast this morning and it really only took about 10 minutes total- including the time to get the girls all cleaned up.

This would be something cute for the Grandparents as well.

I was toying with the idea of doing this exact same thing with fabric paint and making little dish towels too.

I just took a black marker and noted the name and 2012 at the bottom.

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