Bento Lunchbox Container & Baby Food Container Deals

Here are two deals on food storage products that you might want to check out:

Easy Lunchboxes- Get a 4pk of these for $13.95. 

That works out to $3.49 per container.  Now these look like the disposable Glad or Ziploc ones but I have heard a lot of raves about Easy lunchboxes.  From what I understand these will hold up a lot longer and they are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

These are great to grab for children’s lunchboxes or for your own lunchbox.  You get 3 containers and the food should stay nice and fresh.  I pack my children’s lunch in these types of containers every single day and they work out perfectly.

(And I have a lot more on this topic coming your way this week so stick around.

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(Thanks Frugal Coupon Living)

You can also get a nice deal on these little Baby Food containers from Sprout cups.

You can get (12) 2oz cups for $12.95 and get the little marker and the tray free.  This is to keep your homemade baby food all labelled and organized in the freezer.

These are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and actually this size might be handy for other purposes too.  These would be a great size for applesauce or fruit purees or homemade salad dressings or dips.

You don’t have to use these in the freezer, these are great portion control for snacks too.    I could see using these for Ranch dip or for peanut butter with crackers and fruit.

I like to make Freezer Smoothies and I use the little Ball freezer jars for this purpose.  The Ball jars are about $4 for a 4pk- so basically the same price- $1 per cup.

Your shipping is free with prime or a $25 order.





  1. momto3 says

    I’ve used the Easy Lunch boxes for almost two years now and LOVE them! Much better than the disposables you can pick up at Target or Walmart. They hold up very well. Only thing is you may want a larger insulated lunch box to hold fruit, yogurt and a drink. They sell them as well, and they are kinda bulky but they do the trick!

  2. MandM says

    Agreed on the bento containers. I too have been using them 2 years. They hold up well, and are the perfect size for my 2nd grader. Dishwasher top shelf works fine for washing. You cannot go wrong and they eliminate wasting baggies!

  3. Cathy says

    do you know where to find 2 oz containers that don’t leak sold individually? i would like to have maybe 2 of them for occasional dip or sauce for lunchboxes. 12 is too many. i found this at REI
    but review only says they kept vitamins inside. these look like flip top and not as sturdy. is there something with better seal or screw top?
    i would be willing to buy a food item sold in 2 oz container that is reusable.

  4. Charlene says

  5. Michelle says

    I used to store my now 3 year olds baby cereal in something similar to the baby containers. I now make jello in them. So easy to grab one out of the fridge for him to eat. Just an idea!

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