1. Janet says

    I have been on at least 10 different web sites that all link me back to the same exact coupon site including yours. This Ball jar coupon is not on there. I know it is supposed to be good through the 29th of July. It is getting very frustrating. Do you know why this is happening?

  2. Charlene says


    The 29th of July would refer to when the coupon expires. That is not a guarantee as to how long the coupon is available. Coupons will have a set limit from a manufacturer. Once they hit the limit of how many people have printed the coupon, they are no longer available. You won’t ever find a situation where a coupon is available for a set space of time because these companies don’t have unlimited budgets for coupon redemption. (Thus they have to control how many people can actually print the coupon.)

    So this coupon was posted on June 8th. That was 5 weeks ago. The coupon is gone now. You probably needed to have printed it when it was posted on the 8th or within a few days of posting.

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