Sweet Baby Ray’s Coupon

There is a new Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce coupon for $.75 off.

This is a good one to grab because BBQ sauce is on sale at tons of stores right now.  This is for the 28oz size so you need to watch for that because there is an 18oz size as well.

The coupon is a little bit of a pain but here is what you need to do:

  • Head over to Facebook here.
  • Go to the bottom and click on “Having Trouble Entering” in small black print.
  • Then scroll to the bottom again and click “click here for an alternate entry”
  • And fill in your name and email and certify you are 18 or over.

Finally a blue button will pop up saying- get your coupon!  You can have a look at Target for a deal.  I know they have this for 1.25 but I am not sure if it is the 18oz or 28oz size they carry.

If you are curious about what else is on sale in May, you can see the Fresh Produce and Grocery Sale Guide here.


  1. Antony says

    Target has the 18 oz for 1.25 as of friday. Didn’t notice if they carry the bigger one. If anyone has a food 4 less ad, until tuesday they have the 18 oz for .78. could price match it at target for a good deal.

  2. Jenn says


    Thank you so much for all you do! I appreciate the step-by-step instructions you provide to myfrugaladventure addicts like me! Love your site and don’t know what I’d do if I had to go a day without checking it out! Thanks again!

  3. susan says

    Q says 28z or larger, can you note that above so others are aware before they print? Thx for all your hard work!

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