Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {Simple Craft Ideas}


Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching I wanted to pass along a few ideas.  This will be the first of a few posts with ideas for you.  For those that are inclined toward crafty or homemade gifts, here are a few ideas I found that I thought were very cute.

Just click below to see several ideas!


{Mom’s Secret Stash}

::This is a little candy jar with a free downloadable label. You could really put anything that your Mom likes inside, not just candy. The labels can be adhered to the jar or just get a little ribbon and tie the label around the jar.

{Monogrammed Tote Bag} 

::Just use a little paint and a doily to make this custom bag.    If this is beyond your crafty abilities, you can get a really cute custom tote for about $5.    This might not make it in time for Sunday though.

{Free Printable}

::This would be cute in a frame as either a gift or use it as a centerpiece for your Mother’s Day gift.

{Children’s Mother’s Day Card Idea}

::This project could just as easily work for Grandma.

{Handprint on a Dish Towel}

::This could easily work for an apron or tote bag too.

{Free Printable}

::This could also be a nice gift if you print it on cardstock and get a picture frame.

{Free Printable All About Mom or All About Grandma cards}

::These are an adorable little insert to a greeting card.  This could be fun to have the kids do in advance if you are hosting brunch for Mom or for Dad to include on a special Breakfast in Bed tray for Mom!

{Several Free Printables}

::There are a few different printables here.  I actually just had the design above printed out and I bought a frame and put it in the corner near the kitchen sink.  I like this little reminder to myself to keep my priorities in check each day ;).

{Photo Gift idea}

::This can be customized in several ways.  You could use MOM or 2012 or LOVE or whatever word. Have the photos printed out and grab a frame from Hobby Lobby, Target etc… You can just as easily make one sign if you prefer one large photo.

(If you prefer to use this idea for a greeting card, you can see the cards I made recently here.  Just adapt it to suit your needs.)

{Homemade Tray- Perfect for Breakfast in Bed!}    

::This would be great for a Mom that likes to entertain.

{Kiddo craft}

::All the things I love about Mommy jar.  This is super simple, creative and very inexpensive.  And what Mom wouldn’t love this?

{Silly Mother’s Day Idea}

::There is a tutorial and free printable to make a whimsical Mother’s Day gift. I actually made a super simple version of this idea here.  Literally took about 15 minutes to do.

Remember for the free printables, you can order color copies from places like Costco or Staples.  I just had really nice copies on thick paper made from Staples for $.56 each.  I ordered online and went into the store to pick up. 

And here are a few other things that might come in handy:


  1. Jessica says

    Thanks for this post these are amazing ideas!! I just printed out the Good Mom quote and put it in a $ Store frame it looks awesome!!

  2. says

    Such beautiful, creative ideas for Mother’s Day, they’d all make the perfect gifts. Especially the home made breakfast tray, what a treat :) Thank you for posting!


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